John Wiseman Duffus, Julia Trent Duffus, John Trent Duffus,  Chester Stairs Duffus

(half brother of Allan Walker Duffus of Halifax)

John Wiseman Duffus was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, March 8, 1859. He received his early education at private schools in Halifax. In 1871, at the age of 12 years, he was sent over to Scotland to attend Merchison Castle School in Edinburgh. Upon returning home in 1876 he entered the employ of John C. MacLean and Company, general merchants.

Jack, as he was known by his family, was of an artistic temperament and quite musical. He played the violin well and was a member of the Hayden Quintette Orchestra. He was also a charter member of the old Wanderers Athletic Club and played full back on their football team for several years.

In 1881 his health failed and after a voyage to the West Indies in his Uncle's brigantine, the old "Lachiel," he left Halifax for the Canadian North-West, but it appears that he soon headed south for the warmer climate of Texas where he took up stock raising and farming.

In 1882 he went to Mexico where he became actively engaged in the silver mining and smelting industry of that country, and held an interest in the Torreon Smelter. He also acquired oil.

In 1903 he married Julia Trent and settled in Guanacevi, Durango, where their children, John Trent Duffus and Mary Stairs Duffus were born. These early years in Mexico were cut short when in 1910 the revolution broke out and it was necessary for the family to return to the United States.

Jack worked for Phelps Dodge Corporation as their accountant at Tyrone, New Mexico, for 5 years, until Phelps Dodge shut down their operation. He then settled his family in E1 Paso where he built a service garage. Here, in El Paso, young John and Mary spent their growing up years. Once again, in 1924, the familymoved -- this time to San Diego, California. That same year Mary was married and John left home to take on his first job in the accounting department of Phelps Dodge at Nacozari, Sonora, Mexico.

John Wiseman Duffus and his wife Julia. moved back to E1 Paso in the early thirties, where they finally spent the sunset years of their lives. He passed away on February 16, 1938 in his 79th year. Julia died March 29, 1949.





John was born in E1 Paso, May 14, 1904, and received his elementary, grammar and high school education in Tyrone and El Paso. On graduation his first employment was in the accounting department of Phelps Dodge at Nacozari, Sonora. in Mexico.

It was here that he met Glynton Small who was to become his wife. They were married on May 28, 1927, and one year later their first child, Paticia Annwas born, followed in 1930 by her brother John Allan. He was born in Paris, Texas. where his mother's family lived.

Prior to the arrival of their son, Jack (John Trent) and his family moved to Santa Barbara, Chihuahua, Mexico where he was cashier for Cia Minera Asarco, S.A.. a wholly owned subsidiary of American Smelting. After the 1929 Escobar revolution, his sister Mary visited them, and it was here in Santa Barbara she met Norman Weiss. They were married on August 17. 1929.

Jack and his family returned to El Paso in the early thirties, where he held several important managerial posts with Elite Laundry, E1 Paso International Airport ( Asst. Manager), and as the president and part owner of the Commercial Engraving Company. After selling this company he went into real estate with Roy Hovious Associates, as assistance general manager for ten years before his last illness.

Jack was known and loved by literally everyone in El Paso. He loved music, and played the banjo every opportunity he had. He was a highly regarded business man of El Paso. His wife Glynton, was wel1 known also as a pianist and piano teacher of the highest rank. Jack was a devoted family man and it may be added that along with his wife, no couple could have claimed to have more true friends.


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