LETTER FROM MABLE HEATHER (daughter of Johanna Duffus Short)

61 A Grange Ct. Drive
February 10, 1964

Dear Emma,

Mamma was pleased to get your card & to know you were thinking of her on her birthday.

She had a grand day with her 40 cards, 30 gifts & 30 visitors. Fortunately the latter stayed for only 20 mins. each, or else I didn't know where we should have put them. We served coffee & birthday cake in the morning & tea & cake in the afternoon.

The last guest came at 6:45 when we were thinking of her bed. The Mayor & Mayoress came & as you see the press Photographer. The place is full of flowers & boxes of sweets. The latter will quite last till Easter. She enjoyed every minute of it, but has been pretty tired since.

She sleeps allot by the fire, as well as in bed during the day. The Dr. says she might slip away at any time but of course he said that a year ago. However we do see a big difference over these last 3 months.

Do hope you haven't had anymore blizzards. We in England are feeling very thankful for a normal winter. We've had keen winds a bit, but dry & free from snow, so far, except for 2 days. So glad you families are well.

We are looking forward to ? coming to see us now the year has turned again. We don't have them between Oct. & Mar.

I'm sure your husband is looking forward to his retirement. It is a very pleasant period. At any rate we find it so.

Do you & your husband have any hobbies? I've been trying to learn German, not for any particular reason. If anything to keep my mind working. My husband spends a lot of time in his garden & everyone says he makes a wonderful job of it. Its a good size so can get plenty of variety in it & can share the fruit & flowers all round.

All kind thoughts come with this photo

Yours sincerely



61 A Grange Ct. Drive
Bexhill on Sea
March 21st '64

Dear Emma,

Thank you for your letter of March 5th. It was very kind of you to send a present to Mamma, but unfortunately it hasn't arrived. I asked at our post office & they said it shouldn't take more than three weeks at the most. I'll let you know at once if it arrives later.

We shall be thinking of you on Easter morning. What a good idea for all the men to turn to & cook the breakfast for everybody. It must be quite a job too, as there will be a specially big congregation.

The weather has turned a little warmer & the daffodils look as though they will be out of the buds soon. What a joy the spring flowers are.

Mamma hasn't been quite so well since her birthday - a bit slower in grasping what we say & sleeping more -- failing by inches. She hasn't wanted to play a game for a month, but today she asked me to play with her & enjoyed it.

They are longer cards than the usual, so she sees them in the daylight, but not in the electric. She may see the summer through. I've got a nurse to wash her in bed once a week, as it was getting too much for me.

My eldest daughter Claire came to help me for a week & also my daughter in law last week. They were both helpful. My granddaughter (Claire's) is coming for a few days before she goes to France to the University & then a teaching job, which will take her a year.
Then she goes back to her English University for a third year. She just sent us a card to say she's passed her exams in Russian. I shouldn't like to try that. It must be awful.

I look at all your grandchildren on the photo some times. I expect they are all getting tall.

We are expecting to see another of ours in long trousers soon.

My cousins wife writes from Dundee to say that Aunt Jeanie seems to be in much the same condition as Mamma. Forgetful, shaky on the legs, but very happy in the home for old folks.

I think that's all our news for the present.

We hope you have a happy Easter. I suppose most people have some days holiday from work then People here have a week-end.

Love from us both


61 A Grange Ct. Drive
March 25, 1964

Dear Emma,

Am glad to say the lovely dressing jacket has now arrived. I expect you have had a letter from me by now to say we haven't had it.

Mamma is charmed with it, although she doesn't write letters now, she said she would like write thank you to you.

It is especially welcome because others don't have long sleeves & that is what she likes.

Thank you very much

Aunt Joey


December 1964

Dear Emma,

I thought it better to send you a letter than a card, as you get more news that way.

You'll be surprised to hear that Mamma is still going strong. I think she will be here for Feb. 4th. She has one or two falls and cut her forehead once, but she seems to heal up quickly, and doesn't get unduly upset. I suppose her nerves are duller now than ours. She is gradually "running down.", can't see details on pictures very well, can't interpret what you say very easily, but she still takes an interest in things, although is much quieter than she was -- just likes to sit & do nothing. Of course she sleeps half the time, in her chair. If she's happy, that's all that mattress.

My husband and I have been getting out once a week for an hour or two to see a play or something else, so that life hasn't been too dull. I'm fortunate in having a part time nurse living near.

How are all of you doing? I hope your husband retired last January. Has he some hobby that will keep him from being dull at home? My husband gardens a lot & reads mostly history, when he's sitting quietly in the evening. We don't have TV, but enjoy the music on the radio.

I rather enjoy your National Geographical magazine. A friend brings me up his copy. I was reading all about old Peru & the Inca settlement.

Your President seems a fine man. What a responsibility to be head of huge & various lot of states.

We shall be looking forward to a letter from you soon. Did I tell you that Mamma's sister Jeannie was 100 in June last?

Best Xmas wishes from

Joey & Mable

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