Joey 105 years old.


4th April 1965

Dear Emma,

You will be surprised to hear that Mamma passed away on the 25th March and was cremated at eastbourne after a service at our English church on 30th March.

My four children with one wife & husband, a nephew & his wife came so it was quite a crowd of us to be there. We were not sad, as she was wanting to go & lately her breathing became difficult. It turned out to be bronchitis & then pneumonia, the last couple of days & she gradually went. Fortunately the nurse, who helped us, was able to came in for extra time the last 4 days, so I was bale to lie down for extra rest.

The doctors thought she was in very good condition. One said he was honored to have attended one so old. Everyone had a good word to say of her. About 20 friends came to the Church service. My eldest daughter, Claire, has stayed to help me spring clean the little bedroom.

Her son & his friend had been walking in France & they have dropped in here on the way back. They are university students. Claire is going home today & the boys tomorrow. It has tided over the sudden being only two of us.

We miss her a lot, but now will be able to get out together & plan a holiday on the Continent in late September.

Mamma still kept her 3 working books from school when they wrote "copperplate." I thought you might like one -- I will send it later.

Your letter came after Mamma died. I'm sorry you haven't been well, but hope you are better again.

Thank you for your enclosures. I expect you will enjoy your sunrise service. I hope the sun is there to welcome you. I shall think of you then. Shall look forward to your letters now & then.


Mable Heather

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