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by David Duffus

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              1881 British Census

              1891 Census for Scotland

-Ancient Monuments - Duffus Castle and Church by W. Douglas Simpson (with photos by David Duffus)

-Duffus Castle & Church - HMSO 1986

-Duffus Castle Excavations

-More Photos of Duffus Castle, St. Peter's Kirk and Duffus Church - photography by David Duffus

-Remedial Work to Duffus Castle

-The Queen's Scotland -- The Northeast - by Nigel Tranter

             a. 1838 Journal of the Reverend John Duffus - provided by Mervyn B. de Plater of Everton Park, Australia

                     i) . related account of the Reverend John Duffus contained in "Count Plater" provided by Mervyn B. de Plater

               ii). related account of the Reverend John Duffus contained in "Prince Lukecki" - provided by Mervyn B. de Plater

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Aa richts is pitten by. Nae pairt o this darg shuid be doobelt, hained in onie kin o
seestem, or furthset in onie kythin or bi onie gate whitsomeiver, athoot haein leave
frae the writer afore-haund. 

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