09-4900 Cartier St.
Vancouver, British Columbia
January 11, 1999

Dear fellow American Duffus,

Very many thanks for your letter and contents. I am sorry to inform you that my husband Mort (Motimer) died on November 4, 1997. He would have been extremely interested, as his cousin Allan Duffus used to keep him informed regarding the family tree, etc. Mort was very proud of his ancestry.

Having been married for 61 years I feel 75% Duffus and 25% Ferguson!

I was in Crieff and Campbelltown this past wummer, but was unable to visit the Castle as I wished to do. However, if I remain as healthy and active as I am, at present, I must certainly would like to attend the reunion in July of 2000. Our grandson, Graham Duffus Akhurst will be watching the web site as you have advised.

Having spent over two and a half years in Scotland it has become a very special place in my heart. Three of my grandparents were born there.

My best wishes to you for the coming year.


Mary "Johnnie" Duffus

Subject: Telephone Directory
Date: Wed, 20 Jan 1999 14:26:48 -0000
From: "Innes Duffus" <>
To: <>


Harry was here yesterday and we were discussing a small booklet on the subject of handloom weaving which I
propose to produce with him.

I am trying to encourage him to put more of the history of weaving and the jute trade in general in writing, as he
must be one of the most authoritative people alive on the subject. It's history as you know is the very history of
Dundee in the last 150 years.

We were looking at your Telephone directory and see that Harry is recorded twice. However the address is wrong.
His correct address is: 29, Kinbrae Park Gardens, Newport-on -Tay Fife and not as shown in the directory.
Finally, he gave me the copy of the Old Parochial Register extract which you sent him to pass on to me and I will
visit Forfar next week to investigate on your behalf.
I will come back to you soon.

yours aye,

Subject: Duffus family tree
Date: Fri, 7 Aug 1998 21:22:07 -0400
From: "Linda Hartwick" <>
To: <>

Dear David, My name is Barbara Anne Duffus. I was born in Aberdeen Scotland in 1948, and my father was born in 1910 in Lumfanin (spelling may be incorrect) just out side of Aberdeen. His birth was Robert Walker Monroe Duffus. His family included six brothers and one sister which married a
Duffus cousin. I would be interested in finding information on my family tree. Can you help?

Barbara Anne Duffus

Subject: Duffus-Forcum Genealogy
Date: Fri, 23 Oct 1998 17:45:47, -0500

TO: Gorden Seth Duffus

Dear Mr. Duffus,

I found your "Family Tree of James Duffus of Brigton...etc" on the internet today and really enjoyed reading it. You have done a lot of excellent work and  you should really be proud. I noted that their are a lot of FORCUMs in your descendants  listing. They are cousins of mine, that I have never met. For example, your #14 Bessie  Ethel Duffus married Fred Eugene Ward Forcum. Fred was the son of WILLIAM WRIGHT FORCUM. This WILLIAM had been born in 1838 in Iredell Co., NC. He  was the first cousin to my great, great grandfather JESSIE LEE FORCUM. Their  fathers were brothers. During the Civil War WILLIAM served faithfully with his 3  brothers in the 4th Regiment of North Carolina State Troops. After the war this WILLIAM  (with one brother) left Iredell Co., NC and settled in Montezuma, IA by 1870. There WILLIAM raised a large family of 11 children including the Fred Eugene Ward  Forcum who is included in your genealogy. WILLIAM died near Montezuma in 1922.

A large number of FRED EUGENE WARD FORCUM's descendents in your listing are of MY generation, but I have never met these cousins. We lost  track of this branch of our family in the 1880's. Using your numbers these are:

#50 Richard Eugene Forcum
#51 Bruce Alan Forcum
#52 Susan Lee Forcum
#53 Robert James Parks
#54 Margaret Ann Hamlin
#55 Susan Lee Forcum

As one family genealogist to another, I hope you will allow me to ask you a favor. Doyou have the addresses/phone numbers of any of the above (#50 - #55), or their children?


Of course, if I have any information of interest to you I would be more than happy toshare same with you.

Hoping to hear from you -- Sincerely,

Jim Forcum
2082 Prudence Drive
Beavercreek, OH 45431

I have two e-mail addresses, as shown below. The 2nd works better than the 1st and I would request that you address any response you might have to each of


Subject: Forgue
Date: Wed, 18 Nov 1998 09:59:05 -0500
From: "G. Seth Duffus" <>
To: davidduffus <>

When I accessed the 'site' yesterday after receiving your email I was unable to locate the tree of William of Forgue. Had you altered the 'tree' setup to 'James of Forgue'?

I am amazed that you can find time to do all the updates and mail and your no doubt busy career. I doubt that we'll be in a position to attend the reunion in 2000 but - never say never!

I still intend to update our tree but I have a lot to do to it and when I finish I'll want to know the best way to provide it to you - hard copy or disk or?. No doubt pictures may be best sent as jpeg files. I now have a scanner which seems to work well. Canada has 'Thanksgiving' in October - usually coincides with your Columbus Day - but we celebrate twice because we're in Florida at present - having migrated with other snowbirds. Any excuse for a celebration!



Subject: Duffus site
Date: Sat, 23 Jan 1999 17:34:06 +1300
From: "Andrew Veale" <>
To: <>

Dear David, Congratulations on forming a truly excellent web-site for the Duffus surname. I am wondering how I can best contribute to it. For over 12 years I have been collecting sightings of the Duffus name in Aberdeenshire, Banffshire, and latterly, Kincardine also. I have certificate sightings, MIs, Census readings, etc. I have the indexes of the 1881, and 1891 census for each of these counties. However, it is as yet not very organised, and each type of sighting is just written up in notebooks. I am a member of the Aberdeen and NE Scotland FHS and have collected most of their members family trees where they include Duffus members. Please advise on how best I could add to your already terrific site.


Carol Veale.


Subject: Duffus census
Date: Wed, 3 Feb 1999 21:01:03 +1300
From: "Andrew Veale" <>
To: <>

Dear David, I have spent the last few days going through my stuff to see what is accurately sourced for your purposes. When I first started on my study I didn't take sufficient heed of enumeration district numbers, pages etc. I have got the 1851 census for Duffus in Banffshire accurately, plus have 1851 Aberdeenshire, and 1841 for both counties but they do not have enumeration districts and pages. I can finish writing up the 1881 census for Banffshire, Kincardine and Aberdeenshire which are sourced. I also have the index for all 3 counties in 1891, but have not sighted all the parishes yet. It will just take me a few days to get organised now that the children are returning to school after the summer holidays. (I live in Auckland, New Zealand.) I will send things to you, bit by bit as they are done, by ordinary mail.




Letter from Innis Duffus

15 Charlotte Street • DUNDEE • DD3 8QP
Phone O1382 826602


David Duffus
P.O.Box 5026
NC 27858

20m January 1999

There are quite a few documents which may be of interest and I felt that post would be the best way to let you see them.

Firstly I was proud to have the honour of marching in a procession to a Service of dedication marking tile opening of the new Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh on St Andrews Day 1998.

I enclose documents showing details of tile event, along with the order of service in St Giles Cathedral. The Queen officially opened the Museum the following morning

I was there as a representative of the Hammerman Incorporation of Dundee and as a member of the Bonnetmaker Craft of Dundee.

We had a splendid day, which the Dundee contingent finished off with a supper at a hotel in Kinross on the way home.

Of such things is history made and ancient traditions maintained I would be grateful if you would return the copy, of tile Order of Service. The Booklet about the museum and other papers you are welcome to keep for your collection.

Of interest to you also would be the commemorative booklets on the opening of the University of Abertay Librarv in Bell Street Dundee by the Queen a flew weeks ago. I would be grateful if you would return these booklets also as theywill very quickly become collector's items.

I also enclose a copy of the extract of Register of Deaths with a connection to your side of the Dundee Duffus'. You may well have this on file already.

Your newsletters continue to bring many items of interest and I look forward to hearing of your plans for future events.

Harry tells me that come over from time to time and perhaps next time you are in this part of the world you will let me know, so that we can meet and perhaps break bread together in some suitable hostelry.

Yours aye


chainbar.gif (1976 bytes)

Letter from John G. Duffus

John G. Duffus
3 Kingsway West

19 February 1999

Dear John,

Many thanks for the CD and other information you sent me.

Why have you changed my tree? I am a little skeptical at the moment as to the reputed father of William Duffus Clark as being either John H. or George Duffus. Do you know something that I don't?

I see you have now changed your own tree with the parents for John H. as stated on his death certificate. Where did you get the ones you had before?

About the 'original entries in the OPR': The baptism register I looked at is I believe, the original book (microfilm) and not a copy made some years later. I think there were two registers written at the time, one was kept by the church, the other was sent to the records' office.

More on your tree, George Duffus was born m 1823.

Regarding the children of John Duffus and Janet Stewart: Nellie and Helen are the same person. Jane and Jeannie are the same person. She was born 1864 - you have 1874. The following appeared in the Dundee Courier on February 22nd 1965:

DUNDEE WOMAN DIES AT 100. Miss Jeannie Duffus, who died in Kings Cross Hospital on Saturday, was the younger of two Dundee sister centenarians

She was 100 on June 13th last year Her sister Mrs Johanna Short, celebrated her 105th birthday in Bexhill-on-Sea, Surrey, on February 4th.

Miss Duffus formerly lived at 2 Gowrie Place, Hawkhill, but moved to Cidhmore, the Salvation Army Eventide home, Perth Road, in 1963.

She was transferred to Kings Cross Hospital about a month ago for extra medical attention.

Her father, John Henderson Duffus, kept a tailor's shop at West Port, and Miss Duffus studied dressmaking after leaving Harris Academy.

The Duffus family were members of Ward Chapel, and in 1885 Johanna Duffus married Mr Robert Short, son of the minister of Ward Chapel at the time.

She was buried on 'Tuesday 23rd February in the Western Cemetery.

Did Johanna spend the rest of her days at Bexhill-on-Sea? There was no obituary for her in Dundee.

Isabella Anderson Duffus was born 1866 you have 1864. She died at 2 Gowrie Place, Dundee. There was no obituary for her, although it appears she never married Isabella was buried on February 26th 1949 m the Western Cemetery.

1 have made a mistake on the Baptisms I sent you, enclosed is an amended one. I had Jessie Duffus 1847 as being born the month of June it is in fact May.

I will try in the future to get other census records from Dundee and Angus when time permits.

Looking in the Perth Road cemeteries for a headstone I came across one John Henderson Duffus and his spouses, it reads:

In Memory Of

Wife Of
Born 2 Nov. 1873, Died 12th May 1895 And The Said
Born 11th April 1866, Died 29lh May 1924
Second Wife Of The Said J. H. DUFFUS
Born 6Ih Nov. 1881, Died 24Ih Nov. 1961.

Thanks once again for the CD.




Date: Mon, 09 Nov 1998 12:44:42 -0500
From: "G. Seth Duffus"
To: davidduffus Subject: William(s)

I finally took some moments to research the ancestors of James (1796) and in the process connected William of Forgue and William of Pennyburn. They appear the same. He apparently married Elspet Spence and they parented William(1790); John(1794) and James(1796) and they appear in the tree of William of Forgue. No doubt you have already made that connection but I thought I should note it. I was searching for the parents/origin of James of my tree - apparently born in 1796 . It must lead in the direction of John/Helen Cruickshank of Fordoun/Kincardine according to Church data. They parented James(1796); David(1798); Helen(1800): John(1803) and Helen(1808). Will pursue. I recall a grave marker in Malcom,IA. with the name "Helen". Your site(s) are a credit to you - Thanks again and Happy Thanksgiving. Seth D



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In May of 1998 four of our family travelled to Scotland from Canada. = While researching Ross history in the Elgin Library we were delighted to = find the name=20 of MORRISON DUFFUS. Her name had been mentioned in a letter as being my = husband's gg grandmother. Marriage records show her as the mother = (unmarried)and George Dallas as the father of Mary Dallas b. 1839 who = married William Ross on June 15, 1861 in the town of Keith, County of = Banf, at the Wesleyan Methodist Church, Scotland. Their son James Ross = went to live with his grandmother Morrison Duffus, in a huge castle-like = home, at the age of 9 upon the death of his mother Mary (approx 1871). = We visited the old Duffus castle and St. Peter's Kirk & Parish Cross and = imagined it to be where this had all taken place. Must return for more. Your website is amazing and a pleasure to visit. I could not find our = Morrison Duffus, however will keep looking. Thank you, L. Ross


From - Sun Mar 14 16:58:03 1999 Received: from ns1 for davidduffus with Cubic Circle's cucipop (v1.12 1996/12/21) Mon Dec 14 10:43:19 1998 X-From_: Sun Dec 13 22:16:10 1998 Return-Path: Received: from ( []) by (8.8.4/8.8.5) with ESMTP id WAA30177 for ; Sun, 13 Dec 1998 22:16:08 -0500 From: Received: from by (IMOv18.1) id ATYCa28826 for ; Sun, 13 Dec 1998 22:18:28 +1900 (EST) Message-ID: Date: Sun, 13 Dec 1998 22:18:28 EST To: Mime-Version: 1.0 Subject: Website and Reunion Content-type: text/plain; charset=US-ASCII Content-transfer-encoding: 7bit X-Mailer: AOL 4.0 for Windows 95 sub 219 X-Mozilla-Status: 8003

I was so pleased to receive your letter in the mail regarding the Duffus family reunion in Scotland in July, 2000. Count us in! My name is Maria Duffus and I live in Dumfries, Virginia. I married into the name nine years ago. My husband is Joseph Duffus (the son of Roy Duffus in Waquoit, MA), and we were joined two years ago by a son, Daniel Alexander Duffus. I was also thrilled to discover the Duffus website. You've done a great job. You obviously spent a lot of time putting it together. I look forward to checking it out every week! Maria


From - Sun Mar 14 16:58:28 1999 Received: from ns1 for davidduffus with Cubic Circle's cucipop (v1.12 1996/12/21) Wed Dec 9 11:37:14 1998 X-From_: Wed Dec 9 10:28:08 1998 Return-Path: Received: from ( []) by (8.8.4/8.8.5) with ESMTP id KAA00434 for ; Wed, 9 Dec 1998 10:28:02 -0500 Received: by with Internet Mail Service (5.5.2232.9) id ; Wed, 9 Dec 1998 15:31:33 -0000 Message-ID: From: Marc Duffus To: "''" Subject: Duffus.. Date: Wed, 9 Dec 1998 15:31:31 -0000 MIME-Version: 1.0 X-Mailer: Internet Mail Service (5.5.2232.9) Content-Type: text/plain X-Mozilla-Status: 8001

Intresting stuff !!!


Anna Duffus married

From - Sun Mar 14 17:00:18 1999 Received: from ns1 for davidduffus with Cubic Circle's cucipop (v1.12 1996/12/21) Mon Mar 8 09:41:45 1999 X-From_: Mon Mar 8 08:03:46 1999 Return-Path: Received: from praseodumium ( []) by (8.8.4/8.8.5) with ESMTP id IAA15242 for ; Mon, 8 Mar 1999 08:03:45 -0500 Received: from [] (helo=[]) by praseodumium with esmtp (Exim 2.05 #1) id 10Jzol-0002LS-00 for; Mon, 8 Mar 1999 13:11:36 +0000 X-Mailer: Microsoft Outlook Express Macintosh Edition - 4.5 (0410) Date: Mon, 08 Mar 1999 07:52:05 +0000 Subject: Re: Your grandfather's grave From: "John Duffus" To: davidduffus Mime-version: 1.0 X-Priority: 3 Content-type: text/plain; charset="US-ASCII" Content-transfer-encoding: 7bit Message-Id: X-Mozilla-Status: 8011

Dear David

Thank you very much for the information from Dundee.

Anna was married on Saturday and is now Mrs Mark Edward Hodson. For her legal work, she will still be Anna Duffus. The marriage, reception and ceilidh afterwards in the Edinburgh City Chambers were attended by 90 guests and a good time was had by all! Victoria was the "best woman" and Mark's friend, Chris Salt was the best man. Dr MacDonald, now retired but the minister of our church when Anna joined (and a former Moderator of the General Assembly), officiated. We were very glad that he was able to take part as his daughter, Sheena, is still in hospital in London after a serious accident in which she was hit by a police car while crossing the road on February 28th. Mark is a geologist working at the Natural History Museum in London. With our best wishes. John --

Dr John H Duffus Director, EdinTox 43 Mansionhouse Road Edinburgh EH9 2JD Scotland, U.K. Tel: +44 131 667 3682 Fax: +44 131 662 0744 +44 131 466 1255 Email: ----------


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There are a number of DUFFUS's in the "Annals of Banff": 1. Alexander; 1797-1800 measured new prison and town house 2. Alice; 1775 marriage to Alexander JOHNSTON 1777 dau. Isobel born 1779 son Alexander born 3. Francis; maltman, 1686 Honourary Burgess Roll of Banff 4. John; 1747 Baillie of Banff 5. Lord DUFFUS; Oct 29, 1663 - Honourary Burgess Roll of Banff 6. Mary; d. 19 Mar 1826 age 66, her spouse George Reid, mason, d. 21 Mar 1827 age 60, children John, seaman, d. 3 Apr 1824 age 31, James, seaman, d. 1813 age 18 7. Robert; Apr 17, 1678 finded 10BP for "killing of heris and schouting of ducat dowes" 8. William; 1786 treasurer of Banff, deceased. I hope this helps, Douglas W. Taylor Victoria, BC, Canada Researching DIROM & PASLEY (Annan& Banff) MILNE & THOMSON (Aberdeen) LEITCH & DALL (Fife & North Berwick) > ---------- > From: davidduffus[] > Sent: Tuesday, January 12, 1999 6:36 PM > To: > Subject: Duffuses in Annals of Banff > > Doug, > > I am constantly looking for information about Duffuses in order to > update the Duffus web site at "" Wonder if you show any > references in the Annals of Banff? > > Thank you for your assistance! > > David Duffus > > ______________________________ >


From - Sun Mar 14 16:55:57 1999 Received: from ns1 for davidduffus with Cubic Circle's cucipop (v1.12 1996/12/21) Wed Jan 13 16:29:02 1999 X-From_: Wed Jan 13 15:43:46 1999 Return-Path: Received: from ( []) by (8.8.4/8.8.5) with ESMTP id PAA31996 for ; Wed, 13 Jan 1999 15:43:41 -0500 Received: from default ( []) by (8.9.0/8.9.0) with SMTP id MAA22063 for ; Wed, 13 Jan 1999 12:15:08 -0800 Message-ID: <> Date: Wed, 13 Jan 1999 12:17:07 -0800 From: Bill and Jennifer Agar Reply-To: X-Mailer: Mozilla 3.01 (Win95; I) MIME-Version: 1.0 To: davidduffus Subject: Re: Duffuses in Annals of Banff References: <> Content-Type: text/plain; charset=us-ascii Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit X-Mozilla-Status: 8013

davidduffus wrote: > > Doug, > > I am constantly looking for information about Duffuses in order to > update the Duffus web site at "" Wonder if you show any > references in the Annals of Banff? > > Thank you for your assistance! > > David Duffus

Most interesting that you should post the day after I sent enquiry to a friend re my connection with Duffus. My father's mother's sister, Mary Chisholm, married an Alexander "Sandy" Duffus in 1920. His parents on the marriage certificate are listed as John Duffus ( born @ 1851/52 in Banff) and Christina Anderson (born @ 1850/51 in Marnoch). Christina's parents may be William Anderson and Christian Lobban (only because one of the witnesses to "Sandy" and Mary's wedding is Alex Lobban). John's parents may be Charles Duffus and Isabel Fetch. I found John and Christina on the 1881 Census for Banff (147, 16, 15 page 00264) with four children. I should look on the 1891 census to see if there are any more. One of his children says that her father was born years after the rest of the family, and eventually raised by two sisters. If his age is right on the marriage certificate, "Sandy" was born @ 1896/97. The family is rather "tight" about this, not really interested in genalogy, so I haven't pushed the matter. However, was wondering if John and Christina fit into your tree somehow. They were married 3 Jan 1874 in Marnoch. By the way, went into your web page - it is really good. Am going to tell these relatives about the proposed "Duffus" reunion in 2000 at the Castle. Won't it be great when the 1901 Census for Britian becomes available!!!! Solve some of these mysteries. Jen in Kamloops BC


From - Sun Mar 14 16:55:24 1999 Received: from ns1 for davidduffus with Cubic Circle's cucipop (v1.12 1996/12/21) Thu Jan 14 15:06:06 1999 X-From_: Wed Jan 13 22:56:43 1999 Return-Path: Received: from ( []) by (8.8.4/8.8.5) with ESMTP id WAA08913 for ; Wed, 13 Jan 1999 22:56:42 -0500 Received: from default ( []) by (8.9.0/8.9.0) with SMTP id UAA18677 for ; Wed, 13 Jan 1999 20:00:39 -0800 Message-ID: <> Date: Wed, 13 Jan 1999 20:02:39 -0800 From: Bill and Jennifer Agar Reply-To: X-Mailer: Mozilla 3.01 (Win95; I) MIME-Version: 1.0 To: davidduffus Subject: Re: Duffuses in Annals of Banff References: <> <> <> Content-Type: text/plain; charset=us-ascii Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit X-Mozilla-Status: 8011

Hi David,

I went through all the family trees on the duffus web site and none seem to fit with the family I am looking for which I find quite interesting. I think I will send for the marriage certificate for John Duffus and Christian (Christina) Anderson 3 Jan 1874 Marnoch, Banff and that should give me their parents names. Then perhaps it will fit with someone from Banff on the website. Jen in Kamloops BC



Subject: Duffus site
Date: Sat, 23 Jan 1999 17:34:06 +1300
From: "Andrew Veale" <>
To: <>

Dear David, Congratulations on forming a truly excellent web-site for the Duffus surname. I am wondering how I can best contribute to it. For over 12 years I have been collecting sightings of the Duffus name in Aberdeenshire, Banffshire, and latterly, Kincardine also. I have certificate sightings, MIs, Census readings, etc. I have the indexes of the 1881, and 1891 census for each of these counties. However, it is as yet not very organised, and each type of sighting is just written up in notebooks. I am a member of the Aberdeen and NE Scotland FHS and have collected most of their members family trees where they include Duffus members. Please advise on how best I could add to your already terrific site.
Regards, Carol Veale.


Subject: Duffus census
Date: Wed, 3 Feb 1999 21:01:03 +1300
From: "Andrew Veale" <>
To: <>

Dear David, I have spent the last few days going through my stuff to see what is accurately sourced for your purposes. When I first started on my study I didn't take sufficient heed of enumeration district numbers, pages etc. I have got the 1851 census for Duffus in Banffshire accurately, plus have 1851 Aberdeenshire, and 1841 for both counties but they do not have enumeration districts and pages. I can finish writing up the 1881 census for Banffshire, Kincardine and Aberdeenshire which are sourced. I also have the index for all 3 counties in 1891, but have not sighted all the parishes yet. It will just take me a few days to get organised now that the children are returning to school after the summer holidays. (I live in Auckland, New Zealand.) I will send things to you, bit by bit as they are done, by ordinary mail. Regards, Carol.


 From: Jim Duffus, Sussex, England   <

Dear David - Many thanks for sending the CD-ROM of Duffus history. You have obviously spent a lot of time researching all the information; I certainly enjoy dipping in whenever I have a moment. One comment though - some of the addresses on the UK telephone list are certainly screwy (a bit mixed up).

I looked up the Sunday Evening News and was pleased to see that plans are progressing for your Millennium event at Duffus Castle; I hope we will be able to attend.

Our news - Edward, our son, graduated last November, had a trip around the world and in January started Officer Training at Sandhurst (Army) Training School. So we have another military Duffus man (we believe there is another Duffus at Sandhurst).

Kate, our daughter, graduated in September in Veterinary Medicine and now has a vet job in Wales, and is enjoying every moment.

Kate and I are still trundling along (and Oscar), but still basking in the fact that our children are getting the most out of life.

If it's OK with you I would very much like you to put something on the Sunday Evening News. Perhaps, photographs of family and a short write up of where we are , what we do, family tree etc. perhaps you can advise?

I would have e-mailed you before but have changed Internet Provider (now using BT clickfree - this is free - perhaps this the Scotsman in me) and have had some difficulties sending messages. I trust you get this one.

Oh- just one other thing - you know that I would love to trace my ancestors back before my Greatgreatgreat grandparents. They came from Morayshire; is there any one in that area of Scotland who is also interested in tracing ancesters? Well - that's all for now. Except that we may take a trip this June up to Duffus area and see the Duffus Castle - I've seen lots of pictures.

Best regards Jim Duffus.


Subject: trip to duffus castle
Date: Wed, 17 Mar 1999 17:44:48 EST

Dear David

I'm back in business again after a rough year last year. I want to somehow
get my info to you for your records. I have most of Graeme's data from his father plus the little I picked up. I have a gedcom of DUFFUS using PAF on Macintosh. Maybe you could take it to the Church of Latter Day Saints
genealogical office in your city and get some help in converting it to
whatever software your using. Also, I would like to give very serious
consideration to coming to the reunion next year with my wife and sons. When I put the disks together I'll send them to you again. Best Regards cousin Jack

PS When I clicked family tree it said no disk available??


Subject: Re: Latest issue of Duffus Sunday Evening News
Date: Fri, 19 Mar 1999 18:57:55 EST

Hi David,

I'm so thrilled to find out that the Duffus reunion is a go. Count Joseph,
Maria and Daniel Duffus from Montclair, Virginia in! We will definitely be
there! In fact, I'll be checking out websites on lodging options this

I'd like to offer my assistance on the reunion to you in any way. I work as a meeting planner and would love to do something for fun rather than money! Please, let me know any way I can help.



Subject: New Address
Date: Mon, 22 Mar 1999 17:04:17 -0000
From: "Innes Duffus" <>
To: "David McColl" <>

Please note my new address

Innes Duffus
15 Charlotte Street


Subject: family tree
Date: Fri, 26 Mar 1999 12:37:26 +1200
From: "agveale" <>
To: <>

Dear David, things have been a bit quiet from me, but I have been entering the census data in a database, and am now sending you a partial family tree that shows my Duffus connection. It is a Word document that I hope transmits okay. Regards, Carol Veale.

Descendant Chart For George Duffus of Oyne, Aberdeenshire.

George Duffus b Oct 1744, Dubston, Oyne, c 3 Nov 1744, Oyne. Tenant farmer in Braeside of Pittodrie, Oyne. Died about 1822, Braeside of Pittodrie. Married about 1774, Oyne, Margaret Mathieson. Children of George Duffus were:-

1). Mary Duffus b Braeside of Pittodrie, c 6 Sep 1778, Oyne. Married circa 1802, Chapel of Garioch, James Reid. 5 sons, 2 daughters.

2). Margaret Duffus b Braeside of Pittodrie, c 14 Jun 1781, Oyne. Died 7 Dec 1861,
Netherton of Balquhain, Inverurie. Married, 13 Feb 1806, Oyne, Alexander
Watt. 5 sons, 5 daughters.

3). Alexander Duffus b Braeside of Pittodrie, c 21 Jan 1784, Oyne. Tenant farmer in
Braeside if Pittodrie, Oyne and Newbigging of Pittodrie, Chapel of Garioch.
Died Newbigging of Pittodrie, 3 Mar 1852. Married 19 Jun 1810, Oyne,
Margaret Philip. Children of Alexander Duffus were:-

i.) George Duffus c 1 May 1811, Oyne. House carpenter.

ii.) Margaret Duffus c 3 Mar 1813, Oyne. Died in infancy.

iii.) Beatrice Duffus b 1815, Oyne. Died 30 Jul 1874, Kemnay. Married 9 Dec 1852,
Chapel of Garioch, George Ross. 1 daughter, Margaret Alexandraena Duffus
Ross, b 1 Jun 1856.

iv.) James Duffus c 29 May 1817, Oyne. Wright.

v.) Mary Duffus c 13 Apr 1819, Oyne. Married 27 May 1843, Oyne and Fyvie, George Jamieson.

vi.) Alexander Duffus c 23 Feb 1822, Oyne. Died in infancy.

vii). Elizabeth Duffus b about Nov 1824, Oyne. Died 6 Oct 1875, York. Married 12 Nov 1843, Monymusk, Forbes Cumming, sawyer. 4 daughters, and 6 sons, one
adopted, including my great grandfather George Ross Cumming b 1 Nov 1861, Peterhead, died 23 Feb 1931, Edinburgh.

viii). Alexander Duffus b 4 Feb 1828, Chapel of Garioch. Died 4 Dec 1909, Ythan
Wells. Farmer. Married 27 May 1865, Chapel of Garioch, Jane Duncan. 7 sons, 2 daughters.

ix). William Duffus b 8 Dec 1831, Chapel of Garioch. Died before 1841.

x). Margaret Duffus b 19 Jan 1834, Chapel of Garioch. Died before 1841.


Subject: Re: family tree
Date: Wed, 07 Apr 1999 21:54:53 -0400
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I finally loaded your tree with Word. Thought it might be worth a look
at my LDS records. So here are the brothers and sisters of George,
including a listing for George himself. With your permission I will
revise the beginning part of your tree.

Margar. DUFFUS (F).................... C: 30 May 1727 Ba: C112302
Father: Wm. DUFFUS Oyne, Aberdeen, Scotland FR44
So: 993352 Pr: 6902804

Margaret DUFFUS (F)................... C: 14 Aug 1728 Ba: C112302
Father: Wm. DUFFUS Oyne, Aberdeen, Scotland FR44
So: 993352 Pr: 6902804

DUFFUS (F)............................ C: 24 Jan 1731 Ba: C112302
Father: William DUFFUS Oyne, Aberdeen, Scotland FR47
So: 993352 Pr: 6902804

John DUFFUS (M)....................... C: 30 Mar 1732 Ba: C112302
Father: Wm. DUFFUS Oyne, Aberdeen, Scotland FR47
So: 993352 Pr: 6902804

Robert DUFFUS (M)..................... C: 29 Mar 1740 Ba: C112302
Father: William DUFFUS Oyne, Aberdeen, Scotland
FR52 So: 993352 Pr: 6902804

Isobel DUFFUS (F)..................... C: 17 Aug 1743 Ba: C112302
Father: Wm. DUFFUS Oyne, Aberdeen, Scotland FR56
So: 993352 Pr: 6902804

George DUFFUS (M)..................... C: 3 Nov 1744 Ba: C112302 Father:
Wm. DUFFUS Oyne, Aberdeen, Scotland FR56
So: 993352 Pr: 6902804

Anne DUFFUS (F)....................... C: 20 Sep 1747 Ba: C112302
Father: Will. DUFFUS Oyne, Aberdeen, Scotland FR59
So: 993352 Pr: 6902804

Nicolas DUFFUS (F).................... C: 23 Nov 1750 Ba: C112302
Father: William DUFFUS Oyne, Aberdeen, Scotland
FR64 So: 993352 Pr: 6902804

Nicolas DUFFUS (F).................... C: 23 Nov 1750 Ba: C112302
Father: William DUFFUS Oyne, Aberdeen, Scotland
FR64 So: 993352 Pr: 6902804

Do you have any later Duffus entries?

Best wishes,


agveale wrote:

> Dear David, We have been having bother with our e-mail provider, and
> some recent mail seems to have drifted off into the ether. I sent a
> partial family tree to you about 12 days ago. Did it arrive? Thanks,
> Carol Veale.


Subject: Re: Message from Jim
Date: Thu, 08 Apr 1999 07:00:09 -0400
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To: Jim Duffus <

Jim, I've now had a chance to see your email. If you want to send me
more photos or any other information, please do so. Thanks for your note
and glad to hear that you and the family are doing well. I will post you
email with the next issue of the Duffus Sunday News.

Give my regards to your family.

Best wishes,



Subject: Re: July Gathering
Date: Wed, 7 Apr 1999 14:40:48 +0100
From: "Mark Sutherland-Fisher" <>
To: "davidduffus" <>

Dear David,

Just a note to ask how the arrangements for the visit to Duffus Castle are
going. From memory you just turn up at the castle. Certainly a few years ago I did with a party of 50 on a coach trip I had organised. the only thing to remember is that people must keep their children under control for safety reasons. I had a family who allowed their teenagers to climb all over the ruined keep and I kept waiting for one of them to fall off.
Let me know.

see my web-site at

Subject: your email
Date: Thu, 08 Apr 1999 07:04:16 -0400
From: davidduffus <>
To: Mark Sutherland-Fisher <>

Dear Mark,

Thanks for your note. I really haven't had a chance to do anymore on the
reunion. I still need to get a letter off to the Scottish Trust for use
of the Castle grounds.

My main effort has been to contact other Duffuses around the world to
see about their interest level. I'm going to be sending 150 letters to
the UK Duffuses shortly. I have had little response from the US and
Canadian Duffuses so far.

Enjoyed pulling up your web site, i will be sure to give it a link on my



Subject: Re: family tree
Date: Fri, 9 Apr 1999 08:50:30 +1200
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Dear David,

I had seen those entries in the OPR for Oyne. It seemed possible that there may well have been 2 separate groups of children, with the long gap between the births of John Duffus in 1732, and Robert Duffus in 1740, so that was why I had queried whether the mother of my George might not be William's second wife. There are no marriage records for that period in Oyne. I am happy for you to include the extra information. William had brothers George, John, and Alexander, judging by the fact that all lived at the same place and witnessed the christenings of each others children. There is only a christening date for Alexander, in 1708, Oyne, father William Duffus. I also have quite a bit on the descendants of Alexander Duffus and Jane Duncan, and am in touch with several of them. But since it is not my direct line and I have not asked them about the inclusion of their information, I had left it off. The first generation descending from them is 

Margaret Duffus b 30 Aug 1855, Newbigging, Chapel of Garioch, d 21 Jan 1924. m John Ritchie, 15 Jul 1882, Ythan Wells. 5 daus, 4 sons.

Alexander Duffus b 21 Apr 1857, Newbigging, Chapel of Garioch. d 17 Oct 1859 Chapel of Garioch.

Alexander Duffus b 24 Jun 1860, Newbigging, Chapel of Garioch, d 22 Oct 1908 Ythan Wells.

Jane Duffus b 14 Feb 1863, New bigging, Chapel of Garioch, d 1 Jan 1926 ?Ythan Wells

James Duffus b 13 Apr 1866, New bigging, Chapel of Garioch, d 11 Nov 1911, Ythan Wells.m & had sons William b 1887, James b circa 1889, dau Mary b 8 Apr 1891.

George Duffus b 17 May 1870, Newbigging, Chapel of Garioch, d circa 1958. 1 dau. Elizabeth.

John Duffus b 28 Apr 1873, Newbigging, Chapel of Garioch, d 1964,
Rothienorman. 1 dau. Jean Duffus b Oct 1914, m Kingsley Penman. 1 son John Duffus Penman b 29 Nov 1954.

William Duffus b 1875, Newbigging, Chapel of Garioch, d 1964. Children
Alexander, b 1907, Marion b 1916, m Robert Beattie, 1 dau Marion; Jean b 1917 m 1944 to William Hauptmann, 3 sons 1 dau.

Robert Duffus b 1879, Newbigging, Chapel of Garioch, d 5 Aug 1930,
Arlesey, Bedfordshire. Wife, Annie, children Margaret b 1907, d c1965, m Jack Masters, 1 son 1 dau; Anne b 1909, m 1939 Heneope Harrison; Robert b c 1912, d Jun 1995, m & had 2 sons, Gordon and Alexander.

Please feel free to include what you like of the above. My e-mail address
of course you have. My postal address is 42 Omahu Road, Remuera, Auckland 1005, New Zealand. Looking forward to seeing the tree included. Keep up the good work, and I'll continue with the census returns. Would you prefer to have them sent snail-mail? Best wishes, Carol.


Subject: My new e-mail address
Date: Sat, 06 Feb 1999 16:41:42 -0500
From: James Duffus <>

For the file please change your records to .
thanks. jim duffus


Subject: Duffus links
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Dear David,

I have been looking through my certificate sightings and comparing them to the family trees on the site and find that 3 of them are actually related to each other. They are the James Duffus of Forgue, James Duffus of Grant town on Spey and William Duffus of Peterhead. I have definite proof of this from death certificates and
census readings. I tried to e-mail R. A Duffus of Bridgewater, MA, who put in the William Duffus of Peterhead family tree, with the necessary details, but the address was apparently wrong. Can you put me right? I have it as Regards, Carol Veale.

Subject: Li nking up.
Date: Thu, 15 Apr 1999 17:12:04 +1200
From: "agveale" <>
To: "david duffus" <>

Dear David,

Okay here goes:- the head of the William Duffus of Peterhead chart is William Duffus m to Margaret McGlashan. His death certificate reads #177 Peterhead 1865. William Duffus, died aged 38, 1 Dec, at 10 Maiden St., cause tuberculosis, 3 years. Wife Margaret McGlashan, parents John Duffus, farmer, deceased, and Isobel Duffus nee Clark, informant John Duffus son.

Earlier the same year was #87 Peterhead 1865. John Duffus, died aged 69, 24 Jun, farmer, at Thistle St., cause paralysis, 10 days, (may be months), wife Isobel Duffus nee Clark, parents Unknown Duffus, coachman, deceased, and Margaret Duffus nee Hay. Informant William Duffus, Maiden St., Peterhead, son.

This shows that William Duffus was the grandson of James Duffus and Margaret Hay the couple at the head of the James Duffus of Forgue chart. There is no christening date in the IGI for William, but he is named as son on the certificate and I have him in the 1851 Peterhead census "at home" on the family farm of Sandford, with his
parents and siblings, birth place given as Longside, approx year 1827.

The children of William Duffus and Margaret McGlashan were:- John b 14 May 1853; William c 11 Dec 1854; Isabella b 20 Jul 1856; Margaret b 15 Apr 1858, d 1858; Jane McGlashan b 23 Jul 1859; George McGlashan b 21 Jul 1861, d 1867; Sarah b 31 Dec 1862; Barbara b 14 Mar 1865.

I have sightings of relevant certificates and census.

Going back one generation:- the children of John Duffus and Isobel Clark were Margaret c 25 Apr 1825; the above William b circa 1827; Mary Scott c 10 may 1830 who I think m Robert Gray 18 Dec 1860 Peterhead; Isobella Mearns c 14 May 1833 who had a son William Dalgairn Duffus on 24 Feb 1859 Peterhead; Rachel c 16 Jun 1836, m Charles Lawrance 31 Oct 1861, Peterhead; John c 21 Feb 1839 who m Jane McLeod 18 Jun 1864 St. Nicholas Aberdeen; and Sarah c 18 Apr 1843 Peterhead who m John Philips 29 Jun 1863 Peterhead. All the children except Sarah were born in Longside.
The children of John Duffus and Jane McLeod were:- Isabella b 28 Feb 1865 Peterhead; Jane b 23 Aug 1866 Peterhead; Mary b 31 Dec 1867 Peterhead; John b 16 Dec 1869 Peterhead; Eliza Ann b 27 Jun 1872 Peterhead; Christina M. b 1874 Peterhead; William b 1876 Peterhead; Alexander M. b 1878 Peterhead; Alfred b 1880 Old
Machar. The later dates are approximate taken from census data.

To go back to the children of James Duffus and Margaret Hay. They m 13 Jun 1784 at King Edward. Children were

1). James c 2 Apr 1785 Forgue. He died 16 Jun 1864 New Pitsligo. Death certificate reads James Duffus died aged 82, 16 Jun 1864, at 43 High St., New Pitsligo, feuar, m to Mary Wood, parents James Duffus, coachman, dec., and Margaret Duffus nee Hay, informant son John Duffus, Low St., New Pitsligo. James had 2 marriages. The first was to Margaret Dawson - no m date in IGI. They had 3 daughters recorded to them Margaret c 22 Jan 1809; Ann
c 20 Feb 1814; and Morison b 20 may 1816 all in Tyrie. (That Morison is the one that Louise Ross asked about.  Both Morison/Morrison Duffus in the family are in fact women.)
He then m Mary Wood on 6 Jan 1828 at King Edward. Children were

i). James b 12 Aug 1828 King Edward who m Agnes Rannie 12 Dec 1850 at Fyvie. (My identification of this James as the son of James and Mary Wood rests on the fact that in each census he states that he was born in King Edward. There was another James Duffus b in 1828, in Forgue, the son of William Duffus and Isobel Centre. That
family also used the christian name Joseph, so the 1916 death certificate is needed for absolute proof). They died 8 Oct 1916 and 7 Jan 1914 respectively from their headstone in Fyvie kirkyard, erected by their son John in Johannesburg. Their eldest son James b1 May 1851 at Fyvie is the James Duffus who is the head of the James
Duffus of Granton-On-Spey chart. He married Margaret S. Bain 19 Jun 1875 at Monquhitter. She was b circa 1854 Auchterless. I have their children slightly differently from those given on the chart but the places are the same and I have sightings of the family on the census. I have them as John b 1872 Tarves; James b 1875 Monquhitter; Margaret b 1877 Tarves; Agnes and Joseph, twins, b 1882 Fyvie; Charles b 1886 Auchterless; Annie b 1888 Auchterless. Taken from the census.

James and Agnes Rannie also had a dau. b 1853; Joseph b 5 Sep 1855, Fyvie; Margaret b 9 Dec 1857 Fyvie; William b 22 Nov 1859, d 1877 Fyvie; Elspet Anderson b 5 Jan 1862, d 1863 Fyvie; John b 29 Dec 1864 Fyvie, d 22 Jan 1917 Durban S.A.; Mary b 13 Jun 1867, Fyvie and Ellan b 1876 Fyvie.

ii). Elizabeth b 28 Dec 1829 King Edward m 1 Jul 1851 New Deer, William Irvine.

iii). Mary b 1 Dec 1831 King Edward.

iv). William Bruce b 22 Sep 1833 King Edward, m Ann Burnett. Children:- Margaret b 19 Sep 1856 Tyrie; Susan b 13 Mar 1862 Rathen, d 28 Apr 1865 Pitsligo; William b 13 Jan 1867, d 14 Dec 1872 Peterhead; Thomas b 7 Jan 1869 Peterhead; James b 31 Jan 1873 Longside; John b 1875 Peterhead; Susannah K. b 1877 Peterhead.

v). John b 9 Feb 1836 King Edward, a miller, he m 4 Jan 1862, at New Pitsligo, Isabella Cardno Gall.

vi). Charles b 18 Jul 1838 King Edward, a mason, he m 12 may 1866, at New Pitsligo, Elisabeth Smart. Children James Smart b 18 Sep 1866; Charles b 6 Jun 1869; Emily Mary Jane b 28 Sep 1872; William b 28 Sep 1872 d 1873 all in New Pitsligo.

vii). Jane b 21 Feb 1841 King Edward.

viii).Ann b 1844 Tyrie.

ix). Margaret b 1846 Tyrie m Matthew Dalgarno 12 Dec 1868 Lonmay.

x). Jessie b 1849 Tyrie.

2). William Duffus c 25 Feb 1787 Forgue, d 9 Jun 1866 New Pitsligo, farmer. Death certificate reads William Duffus d 9 Jun 1866 Carneywhing, New Pitsligo, aged 79, retired farmer, m to Ann Wilson Watson, parents James Duffus, coachman, dec and Margaret Duffus nee Hay, informant William Duffus, son. The rest of the chart is as given by Lyall Duffus. I did quite a bit of the research for that with his late father Bill.

3). Ann Duffus c 12 Apr 1789 Forgue.

4). Margaret Duffus c 3 Feb 1791Forgue, m 15 Jun 1811 Rathen, William Oliphant.

5). John Duffus c 8 Mar 1796 Forgue , 24 Jun 1865, Peterhead, as above.

6). Morison Duffus c 8 Mar 1796 Forgue, twin of above John, who d 23 May 1869, New Pitsligo. Death cert reads Morrison Duffus died 23 May 1869, aged 73, Netherton of Carneywhing, single, former domestic servant, parents James Duffus, coachman deceased, and Margaret Duffus nee Hay, informant William Duffus, nephew.

I'll bet you are sorry that you asked. I have many census sightings of the many branches of this family from 1841 to 1891. However I will not burden you with those as well.

That's more than enough to be going on with. Hope it does all make sense. Regards, Carol.


309-4900 Carter St.
Vancouver, B.C,.
Jan. 11th '99

Dear fellow American Duffus,

many thanks for your letter and contents. I am sorry to inform you that my husband Mort (Mortimer) died November 4, 1997. He would have been extremely interested, as his cousin, Allan Duffus used to keep him informed regarding the family trees etc. Mort was very proud of his ancestry.

Having been married for 61 years I feel I am 75% Duffus and 25% Ferguson.

I was in Crief and Campbelltown this past summer, but was unable to visit the Castle as I wished to do. However, if I remain as healthy and active as I am, at present, I most certainly would like to attend the reunion in July of 2000. Our grandson, Graham Duffus Arkurst will be watching the web site as you have advised.

Having spent over two and a half years in Scotland it has become a very special place in my heart. Three of my Grandparents were born there.

My best wishes to you for the coming year.


Mary "Johnnie" Duffus

L.C. Duffus
29 Meadowfield Rd.
NE43 784
FAX 661 843 764

Dear Mr. Duffus,

Thank you for your letter about the proposed Duffus "Get Together" July 1st/2nd at Duffus Castle - Year 2000. There could be at least four of us attending - depending on how the younger generation feel. Have you been in touch with the Sutherland Clan Secretary at Dunrobin Castle?

I am looking forward to hearing more about it in due course.

Yours sincerely,

Lyall Duffus
26, The Lanes
GL53 0PU
United Kingdom
tel.: 01242 243-888
11 May 1999

Dear Sir,

Thank you for your letter of 9 April (sent to my mother)

My wife and I are indeed interested in attending the "Duffus 2000 Reunion." Please send further details.

I have been to Duffus Village and the castle; also to Elgin Public Library to do little research. I have a picture of Lord Duffus - a copy of the painting in the Scottish National Portrait Gallery.

I look forward to meeting you and the other Duffuses in 2000.


Howard J. Duffus
Bruce Duffus
88 Buckingham Rd.
Cheadle Hulme
Cheshire, England

Dear David,

What a lovely surprise your invitation and correspondence was. We've not talked about anything else since we received it last Wednesday, 5 May.

We would like to know if the invitation is for just those with the name Duffus or other family members as well. You see Bruce is of the family John Morrison Duffus (Jack) born May 1901 of Cary Queen Nursery, Midstockit Rd., Aberdeen. All his descendants number 52 in total.

We do hope you are successful in obtaining Duffus Castle grounds for the event - it sounds great. We visited some years ago as Bruce's sister Mavie (Mame?) lives near there in Buckie, Banfshire.

Jack Duffus was a professional footballer in the 1920's as was his brother Robert (Bob).

We are gathering information for a family tree also details of dad's football career. Our daughter, Janet Tierney, is on the Internet, but I don't know her website code as she lives down South of England and I'm waiting on a phone call from her.

We are so much looking forward to meeting you all and exchanging news and information in the meantime.


Wendy & Bruce

P.S. I Have sent copies of your correspondence to Bruce's 2 sisters and 2 of our 3 daughters. Janet tells me she searched the Duffus web site and was amazed at all the information.

Janet's email address: M and J
Subject: (no subject)
Date: Tue, 1 May 1999 19:35:58 EDT

Dear David,
My name is Alistair James Duffus,and I live in Wales.My father, Gordon James Duffus recently received a letter from you inviting us to the Duffus Family gathering at Duffus Castle next year.Thank you for contacting us. I am delighted to say that all being   well ,we will be attending .If you want to e-mail me, my address is  (My father lives in London ,England in case you are not sure).

I hope to see you there.



Subject: Duffus Reunion
Date: Sun, 9 May 1999 17:10:07 EDT

Dear David,

My aunt, Marie Duffus of Des Moines IA, forwarded your flyer about the Duffus   Reunion in Scotland in 2000. Noticing reference to the Duffus website, we   have been browsing the website and enjoying the e-mails, family history, etc.   My husband and I are talking about attending the reunion at the castle. We   will be watching the website for further information.

We appreciate all the genealogical research that you have done and shared  with all the Duffus's you could find.

Jan Duffus Price
4 Stonegate Ct.
Buffalo Grove IL 60089


Subject: 2000 Reunion
Date: Sun, 18 Apr 1999 05:33:43 -0400
From: Gordon Douglas Duffus <>


Sorry I haven't written in awhile. I've actually been busy.... believe
it! Anyway, we are in the planning stages for THE Reunion/Gathering.
Will let you know more later.



Subject: Re: April 11, 1999 issue of the Duffus Sunday Evening News
Date: Sat, 17 Apr 1999 12:56:43 EDT

Dear David

Just a note to say that we are definitely interested in 2000 reunion.

I have also mentioned it to my sister who is also keen.

Look forward to hearing more details

Best Wishes



Subject: Duffus 2000 Reunion
Date: Thu, 6 May 1999 11:1839 + 0100
From: Innes Duffus <>
To: David Duffus <>

Many thanks for your letter of 9th inst. regarding the Reunion. I shall certainly be there and my party will  consist between three and six persons. Hopes this helps with your forward planning.

yours aye,


Innes Duffus
15 Charlotte St.

chainbar.gif (1976 bytes)

Letter from John Gerard Duffus

(click on hyperlinks in letter for enclosures!)


167 Gilmore Place
Edinburgh EH3 9PW

Dear Mr. Duffus,

First off may I thank you for the CD - I've had a shufti at it at work - there's mountains of stuff on there - God knows where you got the time - anyway, once again my thanks.

Here's some stuff for you - various pamphlets on the National Library etc. Also a photocopy of the reference (which I got a bit wrong in my last letter) to the last laird of Duffus. The copy of the Gazetteer page (from a UK gazetteer) dates from 1951-2 & is even than out-of-date - King
Edward railway station was closed in 1951. The other gazetteer pages are from Groeme (a 1903 edition) - the standard work that is mentioned in the newspaper cutting.

I photocopied entries of all of the names I could remember at the time - things were a bit rushed so the results are far from perfect, I fear. Leastwise, it's a start.

There's some other stuff which may be of some interest - contract is what dad signed when he joined the National Bank of India in 1935. - the main bit about conditions being attached to marriage. 8 years from going overseas! Dad once told me that Shell Company was 10 years. I guess the war put paid to that.

The Secretaries Institute Certificate strikes me as unusual because the date is actually typeset & not typed.

Dad's birth certificate is enclosed.

The two photographs are Granny and Granddad (Uncle Willie's mother and father). I'd have to guess at the date but I think it may be sometime in the mid 30's.

And there's the announcement of my birth - who needs a birth certificate with credentials like that! Actually when I first came across it a few weeks ago I read it without realising it was me.

The postcards are more or less self-explanatory. The one with the address on the back was clearly intended to go to New Zealand but obviously never got sent. Auntie Jessie's handwriting on the back.

The one of the bridge shows Granny and Granddad's house more or less dead centre - well, just, just left of centre. The house on the right was reputedly 'made of mud' and was inhabited by what seemed to me at the time a very old and old-fashioned woman called Mrs. Sherris. A pleasant enough wifey but always dressed in black - not necessarily from mourning, although I don't know.

The 'Clatterin Brig' was so called because it did just that and is not the stone built item (indeed one would hope not!) But a plank bridge just up from the tee junction to the road going off the hill. This road if I remember right brings you in at the top of Auchenblae via Drumtochty Glen. The other road off to the left goes up the Cairn o' Mount. Used to be a car hill climb up here in the 20's. The corresponding motorcycle hill climb was the other side of Laurencekirk - up Garveck. The cottage as I first remember it was empty but later was done out as a tea room and was apparently quite successful for a time. Last time I was way about 9 -10 years ago and it was again empty and I think getting on the ruinous.

Ah, a wee point comes to mind - in fact a couple - in the stuff you kindly printed out for me - the piece about the lighthouses and I just had a look and can't for the moment find it - the name of the builder on the first pages changes to another name on page 2 and on. I think I'm right.

And the mention of the 'Turra Coo' comes out as the Turra Coc' - probably because the type in this machine was in need of a good clean - which it now had.

I'm afraid I haven't found that map of Spynie Loch but I did see an original - a slightly different one and what a superb looking piece of work. This one was at the map library in Causewayside in Edinburgh. They will not (quite understandably) photocopy this (photocopying bleaches the
colours) but would photograph it for about 40 pounds. The originals were made to settle a legal dispute between two landowners over whether one had the right to drain the loch. Which brings me to the final bit - I have had photocopied some maps of the area around Duffus and the Northeast corner there which I will send on presently - however these are in some way copyright and clearance would have to gotten before they are or parts of them were put on the Net. And for a couple of them you need an AO scanner - rare beasts I imagine.

Back to the Scottish gazetteer - the poorly copied one - at the end of the entries you will see something like Ord. Sur., sh 95, 1876 - this I take to mean the area concerned is covered by that Ordinance Survey map. The scales and sheet arrangement are to some extent explained in one or
other of the leaflets included.

Keep thinking I'm finished when another thought pops up - I meant to say earlier - please keep all this stuff (including the postcards which I think mildly collectible) including (when I get a big enough envelope) the maps - ah, and there's another thing I've acquired a book for you (which will
come with the maps) called Tracing your Scottish Ancestors by the Scottish Record office - I've had a look at it and it appears to be a well written and useful document - but I would stress that the book up to section 2.6 should be read before anything else - sorry if I'm teaching anybody to suck eggs - its just I've done a little historical work myself (not on the family - on a certain class of railway engine) and I just dived in with both feet - it just made a lot of double work. It would be (to me) pointless and a fantastic amount of work to scan all this in even if it wasn't copyrighted - the reason I scored a copy is it's almost gone out of print - if so it's unlikely to be reprinted for some time. However, if you do et enquiries about this sort of thing you will have some direction to
point folk in - you may already of course. Phew, that's about it - for someone who normally writes about a letter a year I seem to be almost running amok!

One last word - I've set this par to catch your eye - should you decide to put that lot above on your page - I'm told by those who can type they seldom actually read what is being copied and I wouldn't want to put a (to coin a phrase) damper on your proposed 'do' at Duffus Castle next year
- you may have guessed already - yes, the weather - last two summers here have been dreadful - nothing but rain, and then more rain. Indeed, two years ago we had the entire average rainfall for June in 24 hours - I particularly remember because then it rained for about 35 hours non-stop
(with breaks for downpours) and my roof was leaking. This year looks to be shaping up in the same sort of way. What now would hope for is a summer like 1996 but was the genuine 100 year event.

Well that's about it for now, I'll try and get this dreary lot off on Monday.

Yours aye,

J. Duffus

P.S. Dreary me, on re-reading I seem to be taking a lot for granted on your part. Auchenblae is where Granny and Granddad lived after they left farming. The cottage mentioned is in the 'Clatterin Brig' picture. It clattered when you drove over it.


Subject: Re: Morrison Duffus
Date: Thu, 14 Jan 1999 11:47:12 -0500
From: "Louise Ross" <lross@MNSi.Net>
To: "davidduffus" <>

Dear David:

It was a thrill and I appreciate receiving your reply.

Your Morison Duffus however is noted as a male. Am I reading that correctly?

There is a female Morrison Duffus who died (order # 13062496) in 1869. Using the records below  grandson James Ross went to live his grandmother Morrison Duffus approximately 1871.

Information on our Morrison Duffus. The birth dates based on certificates on record.

Keith Ross(butcher) married Elspet White. Their son, William Ross was born 1840, Mid St., Keith.

George Dallas (farm labourer) and Morrison Duffus(domestic servant)(unmarried) had a daughter -Mary Dallas who was born 1839 approx. and died 1871 approx.
in Fife, Keith

William Ross, age 21 and Mary Dallas, age 22,  married June 15, 1861 in Keith - Wesleyan Methodist Church in the town of Keith, County of Banf, Scotland Witnesses were George Thoms. . and John Duffus
(Info from the Mormon Index in the Elgin Library, in Elgin Scotland May 98) James Ross, their son was born1862 approx

James Ross's mother, Mary Dallas, died when he was nine years old. He went to live in a big castle-like home where his Grandmother Morrison Duffus was the head of servants. He got the job of polishing the silver until he was old enough to take the trade of stone cutting. (from letter)

James (age 23) married Jane Grigor (age 24) December 17, 1885, Port Tannachie Wedding certificate info from Banf records obtained by the Elgin Library, Elgin Scotland May 1998)

I will mail a copy of the (1979) letter if you e-mail me your mail address.

Sincerely, Louise Ross

Page 1 of letter.

Page 2 of letter.

Page 3 of letter.

Page 4 of letter.


Subject: Freskin Family
Date: Sat, 24 Apr 1999 13:10:18 +1000
From: "Bevan A Bennett" <>
To: <>

I find it interesting that Freskin and Frisken are very much the same name
Frisken being my Mothers name it is known that the Scottish people
had a lot of trouble saying the name and spelling it Friskin Freskin Frisken Friskene Friskeney etc

Bevan Melb/Aust


Subject: RE: Duffus links
Date: Wed, 14 Apr 1999 17:01:44 +0100
From: "Duffus, Steve (cllr)" <>
To: "'davidduffus'"


I received both your e-mail thanks, I am left wondering how you found my
e-mail address? I am quite interested in the contacts you have made already.


Cllr Steve Duffus.

P.S. My grandfather was called David Duffus he was killed in Italy during
WW2 whilst serving in Argyll and Southern Highlanders, he has an entry in war dead book in Edinburgh Castle.


Subject: RE: Duffus links
Date: Thu, 15 Apr 1999 20:58:23 +0100
From: "Duffus, Steve (cllr)" <>
To: "'davidduffus'" <>


Thanks for e-mail and web page, I was pleased to see the tribute to my
Grandfather, I will try to compile my family tree and send it to you

My dad is one of 2 sons (Alan Charles & George Gregor) I am oldest of 4 (Steven, Anne, Graeme & Lynne) I am married to Julie and have 2 children (Iain Stewart & Lauren Louise).

I am going to see if I find your site on my own browser.

My personal e-mail is




Subject: family tree
Date: Fri, 14 May 1999 16:42:19 +1200
From: "agveale" <>
To: "david duffus" <>

Dear David,

Wow! My name in lights, well headlines anyway, and my family tree added to your growing collection! It looks great. Thanks for including me. More
later, Carol.


Subject: RE: Your email
Date: Tue, 4 May 1999 23:52:34 +0100
From: "Duffus, Steve (cllr)" <>
To: "'davidduffus'" <>


Yes, I happy to submit what I know, the only problem is I not sure how to go about getting the info? Perhaps you maybe able to help.

My dad (Alan Duffus) received a letter about the Duffus reunion next year, it would appear that this has been sent to every Duffus in the telephone directory included on your site. I am related to 2 of the Duffus's in the list (Alison Duffus 8 Dalziel Place my cousin's former wife and my dad Alan 18 Ravelston Park Edinburgh.

You say your cousin lives in Edinburgh where about? I was born in Edinburgh nearly forty years ago, as I have already said I am the oldest of 4 (all born in Edinburgh).

I was very impressed by your site and am looking forward to the next evening news.

I look forward to hearing from you.




Subject: Duffus decendent-need help with confirming relation
Date: Sat, 1 May 1999 14:41:02 EDT

I have been researching my genealogy and on one branch of my family tree have  traced back to the name MARGARET JANE DUFFUS (who would be my  ggggrandmother). I believe Margaret Stuart Duffus may be her mother.

According her her obituary "Jane" was born 24/Nov/1820 in Aberdeenshire,   Scotland. She immigrated to Ashland, OH in 1850 and two years later was   married to Alexander Cummings. In 1854 they moved to Iowa, first making  their home in Cedar county. Two years later they moved to Poweshiek County,  IA. "Jane" died 16/Feb/1882 and is buried in Ewart, IA (possibly at the  Clover Hill Cemetery. Their children, grandchildren and descendents lived in Ewart or in Malcom, IA. I still have many many relatives living in Malcom.

I would be happy to share my family tree information with you if there is a
connection. The information I have read in your family tree is almost the
same. I appreciate any help you can offer.

Thanks! Skye Sonczalla-Driggs


Subject: Re: Duffus descendent
Date: Mon, 03 May 1999 12:52:30 -0400
From: G. Seth Duffus" <>
To:, davidduffus <> wrote:

> Hi there. I have been researching my genealogy and stumbled upon your family > tree. I can't help but wonder if we are related. I think Margaret Stuart > Duffus may be my gggGrandmother's mother.

Sorry not to have responded sooner but my family - four children et al - were here over the week-end and it was for a birthday party for my wife's 90 year old cousin. So we have not had time to look at our email.

I agree with David Duffus' comments but this may be further verified by some of the church records also shown or linked to the Duffus web site. I will try to follow this and see if Jane and Jean may be the same. Certainly the history checks. There are also several cemetery locations around Malcolm, Grinnell, Colfax etc in Iowa where her family data could show up. I am still looking for ancestors of James Duffus and Margaret Stuart.

Although my present server is '' I have all mail to <> forwarded to my "active" server.
Would appreciate any corrections/additions you may wish to send.

Seth Duffus, 12 Mountain Street, Grimsby, Ontario L3M 3J6 Canada, Tel 905-945-1808


Subject: Change of E.mail address from 18th April
Date: Sun, 18 Apr 1999 00:35:06 +0100

Please note to contact the Le Brecht family send your e.mails to

And Henry's remains

Have a good day !

Email from Mervyn de Plater

Subject: Duffus family matters
Date: Sat, 03 Jul 1999 19:11:57 +1000
From: Mervyn de Plater <>

Dear David Duffus

Having seen your name on the internet among the numerous references to
the Duffus family I was hoping you may be able to help me to contact
someone in the Duffus family who could possibly have a relationship to
my great-great grandmother and who would be interested enough to pursue enquiries arising from the following basic information.

Charlotte Price Duffus was married by her brother the Rev. John to a
Polish nobleman, Count Lucien de Broel Plater at St James Church,
Clerkenwell in Middlesex on the 13th October 1836. The witnesses who
signed the marriage certificate were William and Peter Hardy and Alice
Duffus. The Duffus family was related to the Hardy family and the son
of Charlotte's cousin, was Sir Thomas Hardy, the famous novelist.

Laura, a sister of Charlotte also married a Polish nobleman, Prince
Alois Drucki-Lubecki and they with the Rev. John Duffus, preceded Lucien and Charlotte in emigrating to NSW. Another sister Susan Duffus,
married William Griffith, an artist, of Parramatta, N.S.W.

In early Australian "Plater" family records there are the following two
notations -

1. "Our maternal grandmother's maiden name was Rebecca Berryman, an
American lady born at Philadelphia. Her parents both died of yellow
fever when she was 10 years old. Our paternal great- great-grandfather,
Alexander Duffus who came of a very ancient Scottish family, adopted
Rebecca and brought her up with his own family. She married Thomas, son of the above Alexander. The children of the marriage were John, Laura, Francis and Charlotte."

2. " Charlotte was the third daughter of Thomas Duffus, a Sugar Planter
in the West Indies and a member of an old Scottish family from
Banffshire, Scotland. "

In one of the Plater scrap books there is a wax impression of "The
Duffus Seal" with a clear impresssion of the motto "Beware" and
although the crest on the seal is very hard to distinguish, it could
possibly be a boar's head .

I have searched through many records of the Duffus family on the
internet but can find no reference whatsoever which would indicate a
relationship to any of the above-named person.

Any assistance you can give me would be very much

Yours sincerely,

(Mervyn B. de Plater)

Subject: Re: Response to your email
Date: Tue, 06 Jul 1999 19:07:49 +1000
From: Mervyn de Plater

Dear David Very many thanks for the prompt reply to my e-mail and AMAZINGLY the answers to questions sought for many years. I will contact Adeline and am sure we will have a lot of interesting information to share and there are still a few questions she may be able to answer for me. The odds about this coincidence occurring the way it did are enormous and I am almost completely dumbfounded. The 'Duffus seal' is just a blob of wax in a scrap book and I do not know how I can get a decent reproduction of it. With a magnifying glass it is easy to read the word "Beware" but the crest is more or less a blur. I will make some enquiries to see if there is any way it can be photographed under a microscope but this may take a little time. I am very keen myself to know what it portrays and be assured you will be informed about what transpires. Apart from an ancient history with the Platers, I now find I have maternal ancestral connections to Rurik who founded Russia about 963 and King Duff (963- 967) a Pictish Chief of Scotland. Yours truly is still in business 4 days a week but retiring at 31 December, approaching 80 years on 4 January. You may be interested to look up some Plater sites on the internet -

Thanks again and best wishes. I will be in touch. Sincerely Mervyn


Descendants of John Duffus of Banff, Banffshire, Scotland

276 Richardson Rd.
Mt. Roskill, Auckland 4,
New Zealand

Dear Mr. Duffus,

I am interested in your suggestion for a Duffus reunion next year, but as I shall be 83 in October next, will not be able to attend. However, I shall be interested if possible in receiving a report of the gathering. I enclose a small donation. As far as Duffus castle is concerned, has it partly been restored? When a friend and I sat on its ruins in the early 1950's to eat our lunch, it was very much a roofless ruin, and offered no protection against the elements. And even the Scottish summer is not really warm - or was not the year I was there.

For your interest, I shall enclose a summary of my family history as far as I know it, tho' the great-aunt who wrote it notes that "irreplaceable records were lost in a fire in Jamaica, and she had compiled the history from memory, which could be faulty." Her records only started in 1737 with the marriage in Banff of John Duffus and Mary Bissett, tho' traditions go back to Freskin, a  Pictish chieftain, believed to be a very early ancestor.

However, I'll attach what I have. As I am computer illiterate, I cannot use the web site.

With best wishes for the reunion.

Yours sincerely,

Adeline Ruth Duffus


Note On Adeline Ruth Duffus' Ancestors

The proper, irreplaceable, family records were lost in a fire in Kingston, Jamaica (date unknown) and were re-written from memory there.

TRADITION: The Duffus family descended from King Duff (963-967), a Pictish chief of Scotland, and one of the sons of Malcolm 1st (943-954). Both Malcolm and Duff were killed in "succession" wars, both of them at or near Forres. The line was of Pictish race. Family tradition says Duff had three sons, Duff, MacDuff, and Duffus, who founded cadet branches of the clan. MacDuff were later earls of Fife, Duffus were later lords of Duffus in Moray.

LORD DUFFUS CREST: A Cat sejeant, proper supports, two savages proper, each wreathed about the head and middle with a laurel, armed with a baton.

MOTTO: "Sans Peur" (Without Fear)

BADGE: Sword and Key crossed.

                Motto: "Sub Spe" (The women must not have the motto on their signet rings).

N.B. This badge is also the badge of Dunbar of Thunderton, another clan descended from the same stock as the ancient earls of Fife.



1737 June 26 (also given as July 7th): John Duffus the elder married Mary Bissett in Banff.

(Webmaster's note: LDS reference appearing in Scottish Church Records as follows: John DUFFUS (M)....................... M: 7 Jul 1737 Ba: M111472 Spouse: Margt. BISSET Banff, Banff, Scotland So: 990817 Pr: 6901968). 

John Duffus was a merchant in Banff. Mary Bissett was the grand-daughter of the Earl of Hydford (title now extinct).

Children: Allison baptised 19th May 1738, daughter of John Duffus, merchant;

      Margaret, baptised 1739, daughter of John Duffus, merchant of Banff;

     Alex and John, twin sons of John Duffus, merchant of Banff, baptised 30 May       1741. Witness Alex Innes and his son,  also John Alexander Bissett and A.C. Duffus (grandfathers), and A.C. Duffus, uncle to the children.

(Webmaster's note: It appears, according to the LDS Scottish Church Records, there were a number of children:

Alison DUFFUS (F)..................... C: 19 May 1738 Ba: C111472 Father: John DUFFUS Banff, Banff, Scotland So: 990815 Pr: 6901967 Pr: 6901967 Pr: 6901967

Alexr. DUFFUS (M)..................... C: 30 May 1741 Ba: C111472 Father: John DUFFUS Banff, Banff, Scotland So: 990815
Pr: 6901967 Pr: 6901967 Pr: 6901967

John DUFFUS (M)....................... C: 30 May 1741 Ba: C111472 Father: John DUFFUS Banff, Banff, Scotland So: 990815 Pr: 6901967 Pr: 6901967 Pr: 6901967

Possible children of John Duffus christened 1741:

William DUFFUS (M).................... C: 11 Dec 1757 Ba: C111472 Father: John DUFFUS Banff, Banff, Scotland So: 990816
Mother: Margaret GALL Pr: 6901967 Pr: 6901967 Pr: 6901967

John DUFFUS (M)....................... C: 27 Jan 1760 Ba: C111472 Father: John DUFFUS Banff, Banff, Scotland So: 990816
Mother: Margaret GALL Pr: 6901967 Pr: 6901967 Pr: 6901967

Elizabeth DUFFUS (F).................. C: 13 Nov 1762 Ba: C111472 Father: John DUFFUS Banff, Banff, Scotland So: 990816
Mother: Margaret GALL Pr: 6901967 Pr: 6901967 Pr: 6901967

Isabel DUFFUS (F)..................... C: 20 Dec 1742 Ba: C111472 Father: John DUFFUS Banff, Banff, Scotland So: 990815
Pr: 6901967 Pr: 6901967 Pr: 6901967

James DUFFUS (M)...................... C: 11 May 1744 Ba: C111472 Father: John DUFFUS Banff, Banff, Scotland So:
990815 Pr: 6901967 Pr: 6901967 Pr: 6901967

Jean DUFFUS (F)....................... C: 16 Jun 1746 Ba: C111472 Father: John DUFFUS Banff, Banff, Scotland So: 990815
Pr: 6901967 Pr: 6901967 Pr: 6901967

Mary DUFFUS (F)....................... C: 28 Apr 1748 Ba: C111472 Father: John DUFFUS Banff, Banff, Scotland So: 990815
Pr: 6901967 Pr: 6901967 Pr: 6901967

William DUFFUS (M).................... C: 9 Dec 1749 Ba: C111472 Father: John DUFFUS Banff, Banff, Scotland So: 990815
Pr: 6901967 Pr: 6901967 Pr: 6901967

Thomas DUFFUS (M)..................... C: 3 Dec 1752 Ba: C111472 Father: John DUFFUS Banff, Banff, Scotland So: 990815
Pr: 6901967 Pr: 6901967 Pr: 6901967

Jean DUFFUS (F)....................... C: 20 Sep 1754 Ba: C111472 Father: John DUFFUS Banff, Banff, Scotland So: 990816
Pr: 6901967 Pr: 6901967 Pr: 6901967 )

Alexander Duffus: one of the twin sons of John the elder and Mary Bissett went out to the West Indies (no date given) and was a merchant planter and slave owner there. Alexander married Francis Smith (grand-daughter of James Washington of Ardwich.

Alexander and Francis had a large family of sons and daughters and also adopted Susannah Gordon Berryman.

One daughter married a Mackenzie and lived in Jamaica.

Another daughter married Major Hardy, father of Sir William and Sir Thomas Duffus Hardy of the Record Office, London.

Alex sons went to various parts of the world -

One son to India,

One son to Russia,

One or more to America,

Two - William and Thomas - remained in the West Indies as partners, merchants and owners of a large sugar and coffee plantation.

Thomas Duffus: married Susannah Gordon Berryman on Tuesday, November 15th ?1802.

Note on Susannah Berryman: her parents were Quakers in Pennsylvania. When Susannah was 10, they sent her to England for her education, but with war breaking out soon after she left Philadelphia, the vessel in which she was sailing was captured by the French, recaptured by the English, and taken into Kingston Harbour, Jamaica. The little girl was adopted by Mr. & Mrs. Gordon, under whose care she was traveling and they had her christened by their name, but soon after they died of yellow fever, within a few days of each other, she was then once more adopted by Alexander Duffus and his wife Francis, into which family she afterwards married. Susannah's date of birth is given as 7th Jan. 1784.

Children of Thomas Duffus and Susannah:

John Duffus, b. Sat. June 9th 1804 (at his aunt's house in Kingston). Died October 17th 1870, age 66 in Auckland, New Zealand.

Christiana, b. Tues. June 27th 1806.

Frances, b. June 6th 1810.

Charlotte, b. Tues. Sept. 29th 1812 (later married a Polish "Count Plater and lived in Australia).

Laura, b. Fri. Oct. 14th 1814 (later married a Polish "Prince Alois Konstantine Driucki-Lubecki" - both went to Australia on the same ship "Eden" as her brother John and his wife and his wife and children.


Note on Thomas Duffus: He was born Sept. 9th 1778 in Jamaica and died March 13th 1835 age 56 in Boulonge Sur Mer in France. At some date after the end of 1827 he left Jamaica, "probably for health reasons." On Dec. 12th 1827 he wrote to his son John in England, advising him not to return to Jamaica, where he says "There is now nothing but corruption, intrigue, and dissimulation." At this date his wife and daughters were in England (where the children went to be educated) and he sends his affectionate greetings to them. Susannah later joined her husband in France. After he died she returned to England and later followed her son to Australia and then (1848) to New Zealand.

John Duffus, born Jun. 9th 1804 in Jamaica, died October 17, 1870, aged 66, in Auckland, New Zealand. He was the oldest son of Thomas and Susannah Duffus. At an early age, John was sent to England for his education. he went first to Eton, then to Queens College, Oxford, where he was an Oxford Blue and took his MA degree. After leaving college, he entered the Anglican Church and was ordained Deacon on June 15th 1828, and priest on June 28th 1829. He was appointed to the curacy of Tetbury, where he met and married Maria Henrietta Paul, daughter of Robert Clark Paul, member of an old established legal family. At an early age his health (John's) broke down owing to the severe English climate and he was advised by his physician to leave England. He applied for and obtained an appointment in New South Wales, Australia, and on May 20th 1838, with his wife and five children (all under 7, and 2 "in arms") he sailed from Gravesend in the MV "Eden" and after a 5 month voyage landed in Australia where he remained in a parish near Sidney. All his sisters and their husbands eventually followed him to Australia as did his mother.

After 8 years in Australia he resigned from the ministry (? salary - could not support large family) and sailed for Auckland, New Zealand, arrived in early 1848, where he took up farming at Te Hihi, Monganui, Northland, new Zealand. He later moved to Auckland, where he died on October 17th 1870.

Children of John and Maria Duffus:

Exact birth dates not definitely known - women of this generation were all very secretive about their ages.

Elizabeth Paul Duffus, b. approx. a832, later married Taylor.

Annie Duffus, b. ?1833, died unmarried.

Francis Maria Duffus, b. 1835, married William Hunt.

Charlotte Plater, b. ?1836, married William Ball.

Robert Drucki-Lubecki Duffus, b. ?1838, married Lucy Ball - had no children.

The above were all born in England.

John William Duffus, born in Australia (Liverpool) in 1842. Later married Adeline Fleming McDonald in New Zealand. He died 19.7.1938 (age 96) in Auckland.

Amy Duffus, b. 1846 in Australia, married James Sheath.

Thomas Duffus, born in Australia, died in infancy.

All the above came to New Zealand with their parents arriving in early 1848.

Children of John William Duffus and Adeline Duffus:

Elizabeth Paul Duffus, b. 1875, died age 93 in Auckland. Never married. Was a school teacher.

Adeline Minnie Duffus, b. 1878, died age 91 in Auckland. Never married. Was a physiotherapist.

John Charles Kinnear Paul Duffus, b. 1.7.1883 in the Bay of Plenty, New Zealand, died 2.9.1958 in Auckland. Trained and worked as a dentist in Auckland.

Alice Edith Duffus, b. ?1887, died 23.8.1977.Never married. Worked spasmodically as a receptionist for her brother, a dentist.

John Charles K. P. Duffus and Ada Lilian Jackson:

John Charles K. P. Duffus married Ada Lilian Jackson 27th August, 1914 in Auckland.

They only had one child, a daughter, Adeline Ruth, b. 30.10.1916 (me). I never married, but trained and worked as a nurse. My father was a dentist, my mother, prior to her marriage, was also trained as a nurse.

I apologise for my poor typing, but thought the above records could help your comprehensive Duffus family tree.

Signed:  A.R. Duffus 21.6.99

P.S. As you can see, our line ceases at my death.

chainbar.gif (1976 bytes)

Councillor Steve Duffus' Ancestors


Attached is a Word File which contains a copy of my great grandfather's marriage certificate, hopefully this will give you the dates you mentioned in your earlier e-mail's to my councillor e-mail address.

Please let me know if you require any more info.




SteveDuffus.jpg (67223 bytes)




(June is the widow of Bill Duffus, descendant of the James Duffus of Forgue Duffuses)

23rd June 1999

Unit 2
508 Charles St.
Hastings, HB
New Zealand

Dear David,

Thank you so much for your letter of 11th May. I will pass this information on to my children. It is possible Andrew could attend as he lives in the UK. But I am not sure about the rest of us. Lyall in the South Island is just changing his job and selling his house in Twizel so I fear he may be too busy to consider an oversaes trip, but you may never know - so I know he would be ineterested in the gathering.

Janet here in Hastings is likely to be too busy as she has small children, a part-time nuring job, and is studying for a degree in Nursing Studies.

For myself, I most recently had my 90th birthday (3 years after Bill) & I don't think my aged bones could cope with a trip.

I will send a copy to my old frined, Ruth Duffus, who is the great-grandaughter of Reverend John Duffus who was born in Jamaica.

Best wishes for the success of the enterprise. We will no doubt hear more about it if you have time to pass on any information.

Best wishes to you and yours,

June Duffus


chainbar.gif (1976 bytes)

Harry Duffus letter

H.B. Duffus
29 Kinbrae Park Gardens
6 May 1999

Dear David,

When you asked today if I had received your recent correspondence, I said yes. Only one hour later I got your letter of invitation to "Duffus 2000." So I was saying yes to the wrong letter.

I will, of course, be glad to accept the invitation (providing I'm still around for it).

I mentioned George and Ann are new playing around on their new machine. Their number is ""

George says no one has called in yet on this number - so may you'd like to try it out.

I enclose a picture from the local paper "Dundee Courier and Advertiser" showing two more Duffus's. In case they have slipped through you net.

Alan_Duffus.jpg (21296 bytes)

My eyes are fine now, I seem to be writing on lines now.

All the best for 2000.



Gordon Duffus letter

13 Beverly Crescent
Woodford Green
Essex I48 9DD England
20th May 1999

Dear David,

Thank you for your letter of 9th April 1999 concerning the proposed reunion of Duffuses at Duffus Castle.

I originally come form the North East of Scotland and have visited our castle on many occasions. I have often thought what a wonderful thing it would be if there was a gathering of the Duffuses at that location. It looks as though you have the same idea, but did something about it.

My wife, Eileen, and I are very interested in attending, also my two sons, Gordon William and Alistair James. Gordon's wife Pamela and their two children would also like to come. My brother, Douglas and his wife, Sue, are also very interested. I have sent a copy of your letter to my cousin Margaret Duffus, now Fonlisty? in Castlegate? in Canada. As you can see if we all attend we will form a small sept of the clan ourselves.

Please keep me up to date with the details and forward any booking forms etc. to me at the above address. I am not on the internet but my son, Alistair, in Wales is in the process of going live at the moment. I have just spoken to him on the telephone and he has told me that he has contacted you by e-mail.

Look forward to hearing from you. All the best.

Yours sincerely,

Gordon Duffus


88 Buckingham Rd.
Cheadle Hulme
Cheshire, England

Dear David,

I have put together a family tree as best as I can of our part of the family from James and Agnes Duffus. Also, a potted history of Jack Duffus' football career. I think we are related to George McKay Duffus, but don't know how -- will have to investigate.

I can't remember in my recent letter to you giving my daughter's internet address to you, if I told you Bruce's sister Mame, lives near Duffus Castle. We visited it sometime ago when Bruce was working with Clive -- Daphne's husband, doing house repairs. We jokingly said let's put a roof on it and call it ours! Will you be able to put the enclosed on your internet pages? The only way we can communicate with you on the internet is through our daughter Janet. She is only a phone call away, but it takes three hours to reach her by road, so we can't see as much of her as we'd like. The motorways of England don't make for pleasant traveling, and I'm nervous on them anyway!

Anyway -- hope to hear from you soon -- looking forward to 2000.

Yours sincerely,

Wendy Duffus
for Bruce


John_Murison_Duffus.jpg (34936 bytes)

John (Jack) Murison Duffus 1901 - 1975

Professional Footballer 1920 - 1928

Teams played for: Aberdeen Richmond, Dumbarton, Scunthorpe 1920,
Llanelly 1921
Clapton Orient 1922
Tottenham Hotspur 1923
Norwich City 1924
Stockport County 1927 - 28

It is said that Jack had good ball control and scoring ability. Was a keen, bustling player who would do his share of work on the field. Could be of a fiery nature.

1928 when he retired he bought two acres of land at Woodpond near Stockport and started a nursery business which was taken over by his son, Bruce when he
retired in 1966.

Jack's first wage with Totterham was used to buy his dear mother a pony and trap (20 pounds).

During his early footballing days Jack's friends were always welcome at his parents nursery garden to have a "kick around" on Sundays or even played cricket.

Jack's career ran alongside Matt Busby's, who played for Everton and later became manager of the famous "Busby Babes" (Manchester United) - (15 miles away
from where we live) --

Jack's brother Bob (Robert) who was captain of Dundee, had life membership at Aberdeen Football Club. He eventually died whilst watching a match at Aberdeen. It was reported that the funeral cortege was one mile long.


Alistair Duffus email


Subject: telephone directory update
Date: Tue, 25 May 1999 19:58:05 EDT

Dear David,

I just thought I would drop you a line to help you keep the directory up to date.G.J.R.Duffus was my grandfather. He died in May1982 whilst living at Guthries Haven(the address you have for him). My grandmother continued to live there until about 1992 and then she moved into sheltered accommodation.Unfortunately she died last year and so I now have no relatives living in Banff, Scotland. My father is listed under G. Duffus. His name is Gordon James and he lives at 13, Beverley Crescent, Woodford Green, Essex, England. My mother died in 1996, she was June Dorothy nee Scott. He recently remarried (24th April 1999) to Eileen O'Connor. My elder Brother lives with his wife, Paula(nee Olseen) and their two children, Georgina and Oliver, at 4, Hatch Lane, Chingford, Essex. My Uncle Douglas and Aunt Sue live at 57,Green Acre,Wembdon, Bridgwater, Somerset, England. Finally, myself. As you know, I am Alistair James Duffus and I live at 29, Five Locks Close, Pontnewyd, Gwent, Wales. As you can see, my family has spread all over Britain but we still keep in touch regularly.I hope this information is useful to you and the other Duffuses out there.

Will write again soon,

Date: Fri, 4 Jun 1999 22:27:16 EDT

Dear David,
I have found out my grandparents' birth dates.My Grandfather was born on 8th March 1908,and my Grandmother was born on 22nd October 1913. I hope this is of some use to you with your family trees. I am really looking forward to the get together next year and finally getting to meet you.Keep up the good work you are doing with the Duffus web page.
All the best,


Scottish Family Research Group

Subject: Re: Scottish Family Research Group
Resent-Date: Mon, 24 May 1999 03:52:01 -0700 (PDT)
Date: Tue, 25 May 1999 09:53:43 +1000
From: "Peter J. Fraser-Tibbett" <>

The Scottish Family Research Group are looking for new members. Membership is FREE to join. Members are welcome to post messages on the members message board and also to post photo as well. This service is all FREE. We are also looking at having a Bi - Monthly Newsletter for our members. Anyone who is doing Scottish Family Research are very welcome to join.

Peter J. Fraser-Tibbett
Cooroy, Queensland, Australia


Barry Duffus Family News

Subject: Change of Address !!
Date: Wed, 2 Jun 1999 16:08:29 +1000
From: "teddyb" <>
To: <>

Hello David, How are you and your family ??? I hope you receive this email okay.I sent you one about one month ago and I never received a answer to it .  First I want you to note the change of my email address it is this is for all the DUFFUS SUNDAY EVENING NEWS ...also I wanted to remind you that Barry and Arlene wanted me to tell you of a new addition to the family I did write a email and advise you but I never received a email from you to confirm that you receive all the details please could you email me back and confirm you have received this one okay I sent the other email to the other address so I thought I would try this one and see if you can reply ......please note details from Barry and Arlene Duffus and also they will attend the Duffus reunion

please note ....GLENN AND SUE ANN DUFFUS



George Duffus (Scottish comedian) Email

Subject: Re: beginners
Date: Fri, 04 Jun 1999 17:01:16 BST
From: ann duffus <>

Hi David, coming over loud and clear! Best wishes, George.

>From: davidduffus <>
>To: ann duffus <>
>Subject: Re: beginners
>Date: Wed, 02 Jun 1999 10:38:11 -0400
>Please let me know if you receive this and then I will drop you a short note on the Duffus 2000 responses to my invitations.
>ann duffus wrote:
> > we're having problems with freeserve.Could you try us on this number?
> >

Grandma Coming to Duffus 2000 Reunion

Subject: Duffus castle
Date: Sat, 3 Jul 1999 11:21:56 -0700 (PDT)
From: adam b <>

Will you reserve 2 tickets to the castle please?Thank you!Our whole
family will be sending my grandma and someone will go with her!

Adam Burton


309-4900 Cartier St.
Vancouver, B.C.
June 21, 1999

Dear David,

First of all, my thanks to you for your letter, Sunday News and CD, as yet to be enjoyed. To put it mildly, you really do a fabulous job when you take something on.

My son-in-law, George Lucas, said he would contact you the modern way, but may not cover every deatil.

Good health holding next July will see me in Scotland, attending the ceilidh on the Saturday night and happy to pay 50 U.S. whenever, and will donate to expenses if I can't make it.

I would prefer to reserve good accommodations 3 days in advance of July 1st with bathroom, please.

My most since thanks.

Johnnie Duffus



19 Pennymay Green
Middlesbrough T58 OBX

Dear David,

                        Re: Duffus 2000 Reunion

I refer to your letter of 9th April 1999 addressed to my late father (he died 18 years ago). The letter has been passed on to me and my family would certainly be interested in more information regarding your proposed reunion of Duffus'es at Duffus Castle on 1st/2nd July 2000.

I have 2 sons aged 25 and 22. The older is married living in Leicester with twins (7 months) and the younger is studying for a Master's Degree in Mathematics at Warwick University. Both of them may be interested in joining the celebrations along with my sister (who although not now a Duffus following marriage - since separated) and I assume they would be welcome.

For your information my grandfather moved from Elgin to a farm in North Yorkshire around the turn of the last century and had a family of eight (six sons and two daughters). Of those sons there were six male descendants who all but one are now married with 9 descendants (male). Of those 9 -3 are now married (including my son) and who have produced yet 4 more sons to carry on the Duffus name.

I look forward to hearing from you with more information regarding your celebration proposals.

I was interested for you to indicate this event is only held every 1000 years and should be pleased to hear what evidence you have as to the previous celebration.

Yours sincerely,

John Duffus


Subject: Family gathering Date: Tue, 29 Jun 1999 10:25:39 -0400 From: Gordon Douglas Duffus To: DAVID DUFFUS Dear David, Long time since I've written... sorry. I'm checking on the Reunion/Gathering situation. Did we get the rooms at Gordonston or are we on our own for sleeping space? Can we use the Castle grounds for our thing? It looks like at least four of my nephews (and their wives) plus a sister-in-law, my oldest brother, my wife & two sons (& me) will be over for the event. There may be more. I would like to start making arrangements... if needed. Thanks, Gordon


Subject: change of e-mail address
Date: Fri, 25 Jun 1999 18:13:24 +0100
From: "Mark Sutherland-Fisher" <>
To: <>
CC: "Muriel Bland" <>, "Ostling and Brooks" <>,
"Kenneth Cairns" <>, "Caroline A Cameron" <>,
<>, "David Duffus" <>,
"Pearson Ronald Fisher" <>, "Tom Flynn,Kaleidoscope" <>,
"Michael Greenhow" <>,
"Anne McCann" <>, "Rita Schneider" <>,
"Alan Gordon Sutherland" <>, "Andrew Sutherland" <>,
"Bill and Mary Sutherland" <>, "Jane Sutherland" <>,

Hi folks, would you please note that following on a change of Internet provider last weekend due to a collapse of the previous one's system for several days and uncompetitive terms, I may not have received any e-mails you sent since 13th June to my former e-mail address at and from now on all e-mails should be posted to this address attached to my own web-site,


Subject: Geneology
Date: Thu, 27 May 1999 22:16:46 -0500
From: Kirk Borland <>
Organization: Coil, Counts, Ford and Cheney
To: David Duffus <>

My father-in-law is Richard Duffus who lives at 49 Barnes St. in your
town of Greenville. As the one in the family most interested in tracing
back the roots, I wondered if you have been able to make any link
between my father-in-law and some of the extensive history that you have
been able to compile on the Duffus clan. If so, I would very much be
interested in updating my wife's side of our family tree. Thanks in
advance for any help you can provide. My preferred email address is

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