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Subject: More Photos from Diana.
Date: Tue, 21 Jul 1998 20:18:07 +0100
From: "Jack Le-Brecht" <>
Reply-To: "Jack Le-Brecht" <>
To: "davidduffus" <>

Dear David,
Some more photos to bore you !!! The wedding is of my grandparents
in 1905 in Jamaica. William Duffus marrying Emily Holwell. The bearded man behind the groom is William's father George, his wife is standing beside him. Also enclosed is Prince Charles knighting my father William in 1970. Pa was the first person Prince Charles ever dubbed !! To follow The Queen knighting Uncle Herbert. Apologies, Great grandfather was born in Forgue not Folgie. Philip says please take out what you want from his CV. He says its very long - winded. Finally please note It should be 500 babies delivered not 5000 !!! Woe Typing error. are you still intending to visit the UK in the Autumn ? Philip, Jim and I would love to meet up with Dianne and yourself.

Kindest regards Diana

W4WilliamDuffus.jpg (56980 bytes)
William Duffus marrying Emily Holwell in 1905 in Jamaica

W4SirWilliamDuffus.jpg (21104 bytes)
Sir William Duffus being knighted by Prince Charles

Subject: more photographs
Date: Fri, 31 Jul 1998 22:59:22 +0100
From: "Jack Le-Brecht" <>
Reply-To: "Jack Le-Brecht" <>
To: "davidduffus"

Dear David,
Enclosed are some more photographs. One of Herbert being knighted
by the Queen at Government House in Kingston. The second is of Philip & his family taken on Graduation Day at Bristol University 1997.
Hope you got the rest of my messages.

Regards Diana

W4SirHerbertDuffus.jpg (48907 bytes)
Sir Herbert Duffus being knighted by Queen Elizabeth.

W4philipuffus7family1997.jpg (53075 bytes)
Professor Phillip Duffus & family.

Jennifer Carr (nee Duffus) e-mail

"Subject: duffus
Date: Sun, 14 Jun 1998 16:33:34 EDT

Dear David

I have just finished reading your information on Duffus -Sept of Clan
Sutherland and it has greatly excited me.

I am a Duffus from Dundee although I have lived in England since 1971.

I know very little of my family for reasons which I will explain.

I was born in Dundee in 1954, the eldest of two daughters of Ronald
Carnegie Duffus.Sadly my father died a couple of months short of my 10th birthday in 1964 andI never knew anything of his family. My sister is Mary Elizabeth and was born in 1957.

Both my fathers parents were already dead and my mother was not
wonderful at keeping in touch with any members of my father’s family.

However, I have, like most people, become curious and interested in
knowing who made me the way I am, although whether that is to be commended or not I will leave others to decide!!!!!.

Anyway when I read your personal dedication, it made we wonder if you
could be a member of my long lost father’s family.

I have done a little research, as much as time and distance allows and I
will fill you in with the details.

As I said my father was Ronald Carnegie Duffus and he was born in 1908. He was the second son of William Leighton Duffus (I wont fill in all the dates but if you would like them, please let me know). His elder brother who I understand was born on board a ship in 1898 on route to America was William Edwin Duffus, where my grandfather visited regularly and subsequently went to work for a couple of years (Chicago I believe). My grandmother was called Mary Jane Carnegie.

My grandfather was one of 4 children but appears to have been the only
one to survive. He had a brother George, who died aged 31 and two sister Mary and Anne who both died as infants.

My great grandparents were George Duffus and Ann Leighton who married in 1866 and were the parents of the above.

This is where I started to wonder if ours were the same family as we
have almost without break, been born in Dundee and there do not appear to have been very many Duffus’s born in Dundee and the father of George Duffus is John Duffus who was born in Dundee in 1799 and married Elizabeth Whitton in1837.

It seems to be an amazing coincidence that we both have a ggg
grandfather called John who was born in Dundee at around the same time.

Could it be that my gg grandfather George and your gg grandfather John
were brothers.

I would also be grateful for any information you could give me as it is
difficult to trace without any family records to help.

By the way, I got a lot of my information from the family grave at the
Eastern Cemetery in Dundee, which my grandfather erected for my grandmother and   included the other members of his family.

I hope that you can find the time to respond and look forward to hearing
from you.

Yours hopefully
Jennifer Carr (nee Duffus)


Dear Jennifer,

I apologize for not answering your e-mail sooner. I've been in court
over the last few weeks. Your e-mail was sent to my e-mail address at my
office. My staff printed it out and left it in a stack of files for me
to review. Unfortunately, I didn't see it until this afternoon.

We may be related in some degree. Your earliest John Duffus was John
Spink Duffus of Dundee who was married to Elizabeth Whitton and had a
number of children. The Scottish Church Records maintained by the
Scottish Records office in Edinburgh show the following children born of
the marriage of John Duffus and Elizabeth Whitton:

Catharine DUFFUS (F).................. C: 20 May 1838 Ba: C112829
Father: John DUFFUS Dundee, Angus, Scotland So:
993408 Mother: Elizabeth WHITTON Pr: 6900646

Ann DUFFUS (F)........................ C: 15 Mar 1840 Ba: C112829
Father: John DUFFUS Dundee, Angus, Scotland FR5216
So: 993408 Mother: Elizabeth WHITTON Pr: 6900646

John DUFFUS (M)....................... C: 8 Nov 1841 Ba: C112829 Father:
John DUFFUS Dundee, Angus, Scotland FR5288
So: 993408 Mother: Elizabeth WHITTON Pr: 6900646

Spink DUFFUS (M)...................... C: 8 Oct 1843 Ba: C112829 Father:
John Spink DUFFUS Dundee, Angus, Scotland
FR5340 So: 993408 Mother: Elizabeth WHITTON Pr: 6900646

Robert DUFFUS (M)..................... C: 28 Dec 1845 Ba: C112829
Father: John DUFFUS Dundee, Angus, Scotland FR5382
So: 993408 Mother: Elizabeth WHITTON Pr: 6900646

Eliza DUFFUS (F)...................... C: 25 Dec 1847 Ba: C112829
Father: John DUFFUS Dundee, Angus, Scotland FR5416
So: 993408 Mother: Elizabeth WHITTON Pr: 6900646

George DUFFUS (M)..................... C: 3 Mar 1850 Ba: C112829 Father:
John DUFFUS Dundee, Angus, Scotland FR5488
So: 993408 Mother: Elizabeth WHITTON Pr: 6900646

You will note that John Spink Duffus and Elizabeth Whitton had a child
by the name of Spink Duffus in 1843. Searching prior to 1838 which is
the year for the birth of Catharine (sic) it would seem reasonable to
find a Duffus married to a woman with the maiden name of Spink, however, I can find none.

Now for my tree. My great-great grandfather, John Duffus, was born in
1840. His father was John Henderson Duffus who was married to Grace
McEwan who died in child birth, giving birth to her first child - my great- great grandfather. It appears that all of the descendants of my great- great grandfather barely made it into this world.

My great-great-great grandfather, John Henderson Duffus, was born in
1815. The Scottish Church Records reflect no birth or christening of a
Duffus in Dundee that year. My cousin, John Henderson Duffus, in
Edinburgh has told me that our common ancestor who sired John Henderson Duffus and his brother George was a John Duffus born in 1796. However, I haven't been able to find anything to tie this connection down.

Your e-mail has prompted me to do further looking. All of the Duffus births, marriages and parents of Duffuses are found on my Scottish
Church Records page which is part of my web site. Checking for Duffuses
born in Dundee between 1815 and 1820 I find the following:

James DUFFUS (M)...................... C: 10 Aug 1817 Ba: C112827
Father: James DUFFUS Dundee, Angus, Scotland So:
993425 Mother: Helen HENDERSON Pr: 6900646

William DUFFUS (M).................... C: 10 Oct 1819 Ba: C112827
Father: James DUFFUS Dundee, Angus, Scotland So:
993425 Mother: Helen HENDERSON Pr: 6900646

This seems to fit very nicely with my John Henderson who was born in
1815 because during those times the first son took his middle name from
his mother's maiden name.

If you research the Church records you will find that most males in the
1700's and early 1800's married between the ages of 17 and 22 and
started immediate families. Logically if I go back to 1796 which is the
year, I know for a fact, that my great-great-great-great grandfather was
born in, the Scottish Church Records show a christening for James Duffus
from Forgue, Aberdeenshire, Scotland.

In your e-mail, you mention getting ancestor information from a
headstone in the Eastern Cemetery in Dundee. My great-great-great
grandfather, his second wife and family are buried in the Western
Cemetery. Little did I know that there was an Eastern Cemetery!

In any event I am sure that our families connect some time, well in the
past ages.

I would like to post you family information on the Duffus family tree
page. If you could provide me with names, dob's, dom's and dod's in
logical order, I will be happy to create a tree for your family and post
it to the web site.

Please refer to the Tom Duffus tree on the Duffus family tree page which
Harry Duffus of Dundee provided to me. Between 1810 and 1820 there were at least 3 different John Duffuses residing in Dundee.

Looking forward to meeting you someday.

Best wishes,


John Henderson Duffus e-mail

Subject: Re: update on our tree
Date: Sun, 05 Jul 1998 09:36:34 +0100
From: "John Duffus" <>
To: davidduffus <>

Dear David

Thank you very much for your email adding to the family tree. It explains where the Henderson name came from. Carol and I are just back from 2 weeks holiday in France in Gascony, home of D'Artagnan of the 3 musketeers. Very pleasant. I am now on my way to Paris for a toxicology
congress and, before I go, I have to write and send an abstract for a meeting in Seville in 2 weeks time. I shall check on your query when I can but it may take a little time.

Anna is moving to London to join Bird and Bird, the leading British lawyers in intellectual property rights. She will be there by the beginning of October.

With best wishes, and again thanks.


Jim Duffus e-mail

Subject: Duffus family tree
Date: Sat, 4 Jul 1998 15:59:28 EDT

I have read your e-mails with interest although I'm not sure whether I
understand all the jargon. I've seen the web page about Duffus and Duffus
Castle, but do not know how to search Scottish church registers, nor find out about tartens.

I'm unable to send you my family tree; I'm a novice with this damn machine (PC) and do not know how to send you the required document (in word). However I can tell you that my Great great grandfather was William Duffus who married Ann Stronach (of Drake Meyer-Forgue. Parish of Boham - Morayshire). His father was Rev. William who married Janet Barker. I am interested in finding out more about their anchestors and whether perhaps there is a link with yourself.

I hope you have a good trip in October.

Regards from Jim Duffus - who's never seen Duffus Castle!


Subject: Response to Duffus e-mail re genealogy
Date: Mon, 06 Jul 1998 22:18:17 -0400
From: davidduffus <>
To: Jim Duffus <>

Dear Jim,

Last night I spent close to an hour composing an e-mail to you on how to
search the Scottish Church Records. Close to the end the computer locked up and I lost everything. So this will be a much more abbreviated
version without any instructions.

You g/g/g/g grandmother's name was Jannet Berber according to what the
Scottish Record office has listed. Here's the entry for your g/g/
grandfather's birth:

William DUFFUS (M).................... C: 26 Nov 1796 Ba: C111282
Father: William DUFFUS Boharm, Moray, Scotland
FR365 So: 990723 Mother: Jannet BERBER Pr: 6902864

Here are the entries for the children born to your g/g grandfather and
his wife Ann Stronach:

Margaret DUFFUS (F)................... C: 22 Jul 1831 Ba: C111282
Father: William DUFFUS Boharm, Moray, Scotland So:
990723 Mother: Anne STRONACH Pr: 6902864

James DUFFUS (M)...................... C: 1 Apr 1834 Ba: C111282 Father:
William DUFFUS Boharm, Moray, Scotland So:
990723 Mother: Anne STRONACH Pr: 6902864

James DUFFUS (M)...................... C: 1 Apr 1834 Ba: C111282 Father:
William DUFFUS Boharm, Moray, Scotland So:
990723 Mother: Anne STRONACH Pr: 6902864

William DUFFUS (M).................... C: 12 Aug 1836 Ba: C111282
Father: William DUFFUS Boharm, Moray, Scotland So:
990723 Mother: Ann STRONACH Pr: 6902864

Anne DUFFUS (F)....................... C: Apr 1839 Ba: C111282 Father:
William DUFFUS Boharm, Moray, Scotland So:
990723 Mother: Anne STRONACH Pr: 6902864

Janet DUFFUS (F)...................... C: 17 Aug 1841 Ba: C111282
Father: William DUFFUS Boharm, Moray, Scotland So:
990723 Mother: Anne STRONACH Pr: 6902864

George DUFFUS (M)..................... C: 28 Jun 1844 Ba: C111282
Father: William DUFFUS Boharm, Moray, Scotland So:
990723 Mother: Ann STRONACH Pr: 6902864

Alexander DUFFUS (M).................. C: 23 Nov 1846 Ba: C111282
Father: William DUFFUS Boharm, Moray, Scotland So: 990723 Mother: Ann
STRONACH Pr: 6902864

Your ancestors appear to have lived in Boharm Parish during most of the
1700's I find that your g/g/g grandfather and g/g grandfather were the
only Duffuses in Boharm during the late 1700's and early 1800's.

Boharm Parish is just southeast of Elgin and about 5 miles from the town
of Rothes. A map of the parish is attached to this e-mail showing its
location in reference to Elgin.

Here is a list of Duffuses born in Boharm during the 1700's except for
the above noted:

Margaret DUFFUS (F)................... C: 17 Jun 1755 Ba: C111282
Father: Patrick DUFFUS Boharm, Moray, Scotland So:
990723 Mother: Isobel DALACHIE Pr: 6902864

John DUFFUS (M)....................... C: 24 Dec 1735 Ba: C111282
Father: Patrick DUFFUS Boharm, Moray, Scotland So:
990723 Mother: Isabell DALLACHY Pr: 6902864

George DUFFUS (M)..................... C: 11 Feb 1737 Ba: C111282
Father: Peter DUFFUS Boharm, Moray, Scotland So:
990723 Mother: Isabell DALACHIE Pr: 6902864

James DUFFUS (M)...................... C: 20 Feb 1741 Ba: C111282
Father: Peter DUFFUS Boharm, Moray, Scotland So:
990723 Mother: Isabell DALACHIE Pr: 6902864

Charles DUFFUS (M).................... C: 13 Jul 1748 Ba: C111282
Father: Peter DUFFUS Boharm, Moray, Scotland So:
990723 Mother: Isabel DALACHIE Pr: 6902864

William DUFFUS (M).................... C: 22 Nov 1738 Ba: C111282
Father: Peter DUFFUS Boharm, Moray, Scotland FR146
So: 990723 Mother: Isabell DALLACHIE Pr: 6902864

Peter DUFFUS (M)...................... C: 28 Feb 1745 Ba: C111282
Father: Peter DUFFUS Boharm, Moray, Scotland So:
990723 Mother: Isobel DALLACHIE Pr: 6902864

Thomas DUFFUS (M)..................... C: 23 Jun 1751 Ba: C111282
Father: Peter DUFFUS Boharm, Moray, Scotland So:
990723 Mother: Isabel DALLACHIE Pr: 6902864

Peter and Patrick must have been married to the same woman! I think that
you can safely assume that Rev. William Duffus, your g/g/g grandfather,
must have descended from one of these Duffuses. The problem in being
absolutely sure is caused by a missing generation. In order to learn
more you will need to check the cemeteries in Boharm.

So I hope that I've been some help and I wish you luck in becoming
proficient in using a computer. Should you wish to send me your tree,
please use your COPY command and copy your data from whatever program you are using and paste it into your e-mail. Makes much easier since I don't have Microsoft Word. If you're not using the latest version of
Netscape, I suggest you download Netscape Communicator from
"" It's free!

Best wishes,


Boharm.JPG (36014 bytes)


Subject: your e-mail
Date: Wed, 24 Jun 1998 20:47:26 -0400
From: davidduffus <>
To: Jim Duffus <>


I'm behind on my e-mail explained in my response to Jennifer Carr last
night. However, I am happy to say that I received your note. I would
like to have the benefit of your family tree if you would be so kind to
send it. You can do it by e-mail or by mailing it to P.O. Box 5026,
Greenville, NC 27858 USA.

I'm surprised that you haven't seen Duffus Castle since you live so
close by. I plan to go back to Duffus Castle myself this fall, probably
the first week in October and will be making reservations in the next
few days. Will keep you apprised.

You may be able to generate some additional information about your
family using my Scottish Church records. My suggestion is that you use
your copy command and paste the records into Word Pad or some other word processing program. You will probably have to print out at least 100 pages but the effort is worth the trouble. It's much easier to find
family connections by looking at the printed records.

Best wishes,


John Duffus of Hong Kong e-mail

Subject: Response to Duffus e-mail re genealogy -Reply
Date: Tue, 07 Jul 1998 16:01:37 +0800
From: John Duffus <JoD@HKTA.ORG>

Dear David

You kndly sent me some E mails when I was away for a couple of weeks.
Unfortunately, they seem to have disappeared - probably because int eh
absence also of my secretary one of the girls here was printing out my
messages and perhaps unloaded some!

I found your latest mail fascinating. How on earth do you find time to locate all that information, I wonder? I have been meaning to get our family tree to you and asked my brother, Peter, for it. When he finally sent it by fax, I discovered at least one mistake, and so he is re-working it.

On our father's side, we can only go back a couple of generations. Our
grandfather was a Dr James Duffus from Auchenblae in Scotland who died in 1928. He came from a large family but only had two children himself - Lyall Duffus and our father, George MacNaughton Rae Duffus. Lyall was killed in a car crash around 1936. Father married Marjorie Ann


Subject: Re: Response to Duffus e-mail re genealogy -Reply -Reply
Date: Mon, 13 Jul 1998 16:03:05 +0800
From: John Duffus <JoD@HKTA.ORG>

Dear David

What a fascinating story, but I am appalled that so many Duffuses failed to
respond to your original enquiries.

I am still waiting for my brother to get back to me on our grandfather's
details, and will send them to you once I get them.

I wonder if you have any information on the origin of the name 'Duffus'? I
seem to recall something about it on one of the web-sites I browsed. For
years, I have been telling everyone a story I heard in my 20s - that it was the name given to the keeper of the 'dove house'. I suspect that is pure fantasy, but it is better than having people think the origin is French. When I worked for the BBC in London following my graduation, I got fed up of people greeting me with 'Bonjour, Monsieur Doofoo'!

Best wishes



Subject: Drutzki Lubetzki Duffus
Date: Thu, 30 Jul 1998 10:44:51 +0800
From: John Duffus <JoD@HKTA.ORG>

Dear David

I have just read the fascinating history of the Jamaican Duffuses from Dr
Lee Duffus. It brought to mind a trip I made as an 18 year old (in 1964) to
New Zealand where I met relatives of my father. Reading your web site, I
have a feeling it was probably Lyall Duffus who lived then in Auckland and I am fairly certain had three children. I will try to find out if that is indeed the case.

After lunch with the Duffus family, Lyall (if indeed it was he) introduced me to one or two very old ladies who had originally hailed from Poland and whose name was either Drutzki Lubetzki Duffus or Lubetzki Drutzki Duffus. The reason I recall this so vividly is that they were delighted that I was a classical scholar (at that point) and had studied ancient Greek. They gave me as a present a New Testament in Greek which had belonged to their father or grandfather. Unfortunately, this Bible is locked in a cabinet at my sister's house and only I have the key! So, it may be a few months before I am back in Stirling and can check the inscription.

They did tell me the origin of the name and I may have written it down in
some of the voluminous letters I wrote to my parents during that trip and
which, as fate would have it, are also locked up in that cabinet! Whenever I can lay my hands on them, I will let you now. In the meantime, I wondered if in your research you had ever come across this branch of our extended family?

As is I believe the case with you, we are sweltering under a hot tropic sun
and humidity. The mercury has been up in the 90s this week - a very
pleasant change I might add given the dreadful rain we have had for the
better part of a year now. My niece, Catherine Duffus - Peter's younger
daughter - is with me this week. She and her friend have just finished
university and are 'doing' parts of Asia before they start to earn and honest
living. It is nice to have young guests; it makes me realise what an exciting
and adventurous place Hong Kong still is, no matter what the gloom
merchants have been saying since the handover.

All best wishes

John Duffus Wise e-mail

Subject: Re: Re: Duffus Sunday Evening News
Date: Mon, 13 Jul 1998 18:08:28 EDT

Dear Dave - I was so hoping that the disc I sent would work, but maybe you just haven't had a chance to install it in your genealogy program yet. If it works I then want to send it on to Graeme because it contains everything that I had reviewd w/ his Dad.

Regards, your cousin Jack

E-mail from John Henderson Duffus

Subject: Re: your e-mail
Date: Tue, 14 Jul 1998 08:34:05 +0100
From: "John Duffus">
To: davidduffus <>

Dear David

Thank you again for your emails and the genealogical information. We look forward very much to seeing you and Diane. I have been trying to think of suitable hotels. They come in all sizes and prices. If you want something a little diferent, you might like to try Drummond House which has been recommended in the Good Hotel Guide and is quite close to the city centre but in a very quiet square. The details from the guide are:

>Drummond House
>17 Drummond Place, Edinburgh EH3 6PL
>Tel: 0131-5579189 (AND FAX)
>Elegant B&B accommodation in a quiet Georgian square.
>The architectural excellence of Edinburgh's Georgian New Town has not always survived behind the chiselled facades and high windows. Fortunately, with it curving walls, thick garlands of plaster fruit adorning the cornicing, and graceful, cantilevered staircase winding up towards a high cupola, the interior, Drummond House is gloriously intact. Josephine and Alan Dougall have plumped for lush colours and elegant touches and hence the silk tapestries, silver ornaments and neat stacks of
coffee-table books and magazines Sit against backdrop of bright peach and creamy yellow.

>Their high ceilings and tall windows mean that each of the four bedrooms feels particularly light and spacious (although the single's shower-room is rather compact). Grand canopies or chintz coronets, some fine, antique furniture and tasteful prints maintain the refined style, while Alan has added sort amusing touches - like the billowing tenting in the bathroom of the twin room or the neo-classical touches to the shower cubicle in the blue double.
>Guests sit together at the long table in the dining-room over breakfast, while yoghurt, muesli and halves of fresh grapefruit supplement the choices. One guest, hailing our inspector, insisted that we mention the 'not just one, but three different types of home-made marmalade'.
>Closed Christmas. Location a quarter mile north of St Andrew Square, at east end of Great King Street. On-street parking (metered). 1 single, 1 twin, 2 double; 3 with bathroom/WC, single with shower/WC; hair-dryer; no tea/coffee-making facilities in rooms >Dining-room, lounge. No wheelchair access. No children under 12; no dogs; no smoking. Delta,
MasterCard, Visa. Single 60, single occupancy of twin/double 85, twin/double 90; deposit

If this is not suitable, there is everything from the Caledonian, Balmoral, and the Sheraton Grand (all five star with prices to match) through the Scandic Crown, the Carlton Highland, and the George (all four star) - all the preceding hotels very central - to the Holiday Inn (three star - less central) and others depending on your preferences. As you go further from the centre, there are very good hotels at somewahat lower prices - for example the Malmaison Hotel in Leith is well recommended and got
a very high international award this year.

Let me know if you need any more information on any of these hotels.

Best wishes.


Kathleen Duffus e-mail

Subject: Website
Date: Wed, 01 Jul 1998 14:22:51 -0400
From: Kathleen Duffus <>


I just came across the website. How interesting!! I am
starting to do some family tree research and would like to know if I
could provide some info on my family.

-Kathleen Duffus

Annie Duffus - email

Subject: Duffus's
Date: Thu, 30 Jul 1998 20:48:52 -0400
From: Annie Duffus <>

I was wondering if you knew of any Duffus's that may be involved in
careers pertaining to zoology, anthropology, or primatology. Or do you
know how I could find this out? I know this is probably a difficult
question to ask but if you have any ideas as to how I could find this
out it would be appreciated. Thanks a lot and I have enjoyed receiving
e-mail from you!

Annie Duffus
Cumberland, MD

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