This denotes that Thomas Duffus tied himself to William Smith
for a period of (usually) seven years in order to learn his trade.

The word "compeared" (correct spelling) in Old Scots meant
examined (and approved).

At the end of this time he would not become a free master, as
this is meant that he was accepted as an employer (or Master).
In any event he would still have to save enough money to pur-
chase the tools of his trade, as only masters owned tools.

The existing Masters the number of new Freemen in order to
control production and keep prices under their control.

He would have to become a Journeyman, from the French word Journee, meaning a "day." In other words, he would be employed only as required by a master on a daily wage.

The above quoted book is one of the precious volumes in the
Archives of the Nine Incorporated Trades of Dundee. A full
record of all the members of each of the Nine Trades, as far as
records are available, is in the process of being listed by Innes
Duffus, Archivist to the Trades. - Innes Duffus 2000